112217// Thankfulness

I am very thankful that you all are awesome enough to let us close the gym for a day to celebrate with our family. We’re so greateful for awesome coaches who are as passionate about your fitness as we are! 


Thanksgiving// Closed

Friday// 8:30am, Noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm

Saturday// Closed


Think back to Thanksgivings past. Afterwards, bloated on the couch. Can’t hold in your tummy. Sleepy food coma. Did you ever wake up and say to yourself, “Man! I’m so glad I ate so much it hurt!”.... Me neither. Eat all the special foods. Drink the special drinks. Do it slowly though. Take your time, and if there is a big variety to sample, just start with really small portions. You will be satisfied. And when your great aunt Pam is getting all self conscious and pushy because you’re too full for seconds. Politely say, “Your food was awesome, but I would love you even if it was gross! I don’t need to eat more to prove I love you.” (Also, don’t be great aunt Pam. We love you but you also suck for our progress.)


Here’s a home workout if you want one// 

6 minutes total

1 minute AMRAP Burpees

5 minutes to run as far as possible




112217// Why So Heavy?!

Heavy Day//  

1 Rep Max Jerk

& Special Exercises

 Moms and Dads// Teens class is on for Wednesday 6am. No kids class the Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

You may have noticed the latest trend at HCF where heavy days often include a maximal effort. We’ve gone through trends including increasing loads through sets, using the same heavy load through multiple sets. There have been workouts where we literally only warm up and have like 5 heavy triples and no additional work, and lately it seems like the majority of the workout looks like an old school body building sesh.  

So 1 rep maxes! Why so heavy? Louie Simmons brings up a concept when talking about the maximal effort theory. The body only adapts to the stressors placed upon it. Think of throwing a whiffle ball, you can throw it as hard as you can, but you won’t actually produce much force simply because there isn’t much force to produce against it. We can use a really heavy load for multiple sets, but we won’t reap the benefits of moving that maximal load. 5 sets of 3 @ 200lbs still isn’t 275lbs. Sure 5 sets of 3 is beneficial, but we make an awesome response to 275 even if it’s only one repetition. Never mind that tomorrow the max effort portion won’t fee like you’re getting a crushing workout, you’re benefiting from moving a near maxmal load. Even unracking the bar with a post maximal load (one you miss the rep) is increasing your fitness.

Oh and 1 rep maxes are fun! 



112117// Programming! FREEDOM!!!

I don’t need to tell you this, but an awesome benefit of belonging to a CrossFit gym is the programming! You get the freedom to just show up and trust us with your fitness. Thinking is taken out of the equasion— you can show up and we’ll tell you what to do and how to do it. Really, if you make it to as many WODs as your schedule allows,  and consistently, success is inevitable! 

That is really easy for some people. Trusting someone else to help you reach your goals just makes sense to most of you. This can be really difficult for some of you though.  I can totally understand having a goal in mind, but the WOD on the board doesn’t seem like it’ll get you there. “I just want to loose fat, but it’s a heavy Day.” “I want to get bigger, but the board says 20 minutes of gymnastics work.” “Running and Burpees?! No thank you!”

Here’s the thing though, as hard as it is to show up to a WOD you don’t think you’ll like, when you skip one, you’re essentially programming for yourself and not only that, you’re doing a poor job of programming. We program with a bigger picture in mind. Every WOD fits into a greater body of work. Imagine reading your favorite book but with every 4th page missing. CrossFit is a General Physical Preparedness Program  (GPP). We increase your work capacity across every modality and time domain together. Growth and progress happen outside of your comfort zone. Stay in that comfort zone and you risk becoming more and more like your old self physically. Becoming more like your old self?! Is that really why you joined CrossFit?!

Try this the next time you see the WOD and it makes you want to crawl under a rock— remind yourself, “Devin and MacLarin love and care about me, they programmed this to make me better.” Then after reminding yourself that, then decide whether or not you’re coming to the gym!


111617// Don’t ask “Am I doing this right?”

Heavy Day// 

-10:00 to find your 1 rep max Squat Snatch

-12:00 EMOM 2 Squat Snatch @ 70% of today’s max

-3x12 Straight Leg Snatch Grip Deadlift with the weight from the EMOM

What is so special about the Barbell Snatch? As far as movements or exercises, it’s just the pinnacle expression of almost every fitness domain. Speed, strength, power, flexibility, coordination, balance, accuracy, and agility. 8 out of 10?! Only stamina and cardio endurance are missing.

With arms stretched wide, you must pull a heavy barbell off the ground only far enough to pull your body underneath into a dangerously deep squat and balancing that bar overhead and hoping to stand up straight supporting that bar so it doesn’t crash down and crush your body! 

There are fewer men who can Snatch 300bs than can throw a 90mph fast ball. Fewer women can snatch over 200lbs than have hit hole in ones. The number of people who are truly proficient in the Snatch are easily outnumbered by kids who have bowled perfect 300 games. It’s as technical as a golf swing... with a heavy barbell.

“Am I doing this right?.....” that’s a good question if you also happen to have a lifetime for us to work on it!  Imagine your kid’s first time writing their name, “did I do it right mommy?....” Sure Sweety, you used letters!

No matter where you’re at— writing your name in chicken scratch with the fat crayon, or writing in calligraphy with a fancy pen. What makes you better is just reps! Over and over again and your body will groove into some really efficient movement. Whoever is coaching will make it around and give cues as we see them. Shouting, “hey coach, tell me what I’m doing wrong,” Is counterproductive because if we addressed everything wrong with say MacLarin’s technique (which is pretty sound), there aren’t enough hours in the day.

It’s as technical as a golf swing, but a good snatch feels even better than an awesome shot! 


111517// When you eat, eat all 3...no wait 4!



Sumo Deadlift High Pull & Burpee

30 Double Unders After each round

When you eat, try to intentionally eat protein, fat, and carbohydrate. We know and we’ve discussed why these macronutrients are important alone, but they also work together. Think of them like gears on a bike or motorcycle connected by a chain. (“But Devin there’s just two gears connected by the chain on a bike.” “Ok shut up, this is a 3 wheeled bike.”) So sometimes we want certain gears to be larger or even really small in some cases— different ratios can be helpful. Generally though, including all 3 macronutrients helps each other macronutrient serve its purpose better. 

Sart with Carbohydrate— stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver and then as fat. By itself it’s easy to overeat to the point where the excess is stored in your waistline, but eating fat and protein is satiating and can help fill you up before you overload on the carb.

Protein— a building block for not just skeletal muscle, but all your cells, it gets shuttled around to the correct places when insulin rises to store away glycogen in your muscles. Your insulin rises anytime you eat, but the protein you eat is less likely to be converted to glycogen if there is already glycogen to be stored— i.e. if you eat carbohydrate. Eating fat with your protein, which is easy if you’re eating any animal source of protein, makes it much more palatable. Omega-3 fatty acids are also helpful in protein synthesis (helps your cells put it to use). 

Fat— a regulator of hormones and tasty maker. It’s slow digesting and it also slows your digestion of carbohydrates, a really important way it regulates your hormones, insulin, leptin, ghrelin and others. Carb by itself can potentially raise your blood sugar quickly, but fat regulates how quickly that carb gets digested. A lot of important vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are predominately in the colorful carbs you eat are fat soluble too(the need fat to do their thang!).

Whoa! That was a little bit sciency. What do I even do with that? 

If you’re new to the healthy eating scene, just start with this. At least one meal of the day, make sure you eat a meat, a carbohydrate, and a fat. Oh and for carbohydrate, specifically eat some vegetable...that makes 4 like the title of the post.

-Chicken -Asparagus -Cashews -a Banana

Are you a Macro-Pro? Up your game and consider your energy needs. Waking up, going to work and sitting at a desk doesn’t require a ton of glycogen. Eat a breakfast higher in protein and fat and have a small piece of fruit. Waking up and working out in a half hour? Maybe you should consider more and faster carbs to get revved up for your session. 

Everbody though would be served well by some more servings of veg each day! 


111417// Sick, Broken, or Tired? And what to do!


With a Partner 

14:00 Row for total Calories

Switch Rowers after

7 Handstand Push UP

20 Air Squats

We get asked all the time, "I'm feeling _______, what should I do?" There are a lot of kinds of sick so this is a really general idea. I would lump your typical and common sicknesses into Congestion sick and Stomach sick. So I'm really only covering really general stuff for these two categories, and staying away from full blown disease, mental illness, or other conditions. Also I'm not a doctor, I just play one on tv. 

Congestion sick// If your doc says you're contagious, stay away. If your throat is sore, stay away. If your cough sounds abnormal, stay away. Don't come to the gym if there is a chance that I will have to pick up a tissue that you used and forgot to throw away. But if your nose is just stuffed, or your recovering from an illness that made you congested through the chest. You can still train. Maybe breathing won't feel awesome, but you have 24 other hours to practice breathing. It can actually be a cool challenge to adjust your movement and pace to match the Oxygen available to you. Think the strokes and pace of a swimmer. You can only jam so fast, you're relegated to your efficiency. 

Stomach sick// If you spent the night next to the toilet, but you're feeling better in the morning, come train, but make sure you've re-hydrated appropriately. Pedialite, Gatorade, Coconut Water. Something with electrolytes, a little carb, and water. Stay away if you don't think you'll make it through the WOD without a bathroom visit. You can train on an upset stomach, but I personally think it's easier to train congested than on an upset stomach. 

For injuries athletes here are all over the map in how they respond// Not showing up for a couple weeks and only telling us after that they did x to themselves. Never telling us their issue, training anyway, and then just quitting the gym. Or telling us about every single little twinge, soreness, or cramp they have followed with the classic, "My x is sore, I must've done it wrong." Unlike the spectrum of sickness, there is one catch all for injuries or potential injuries. Tell us what you're dealing with and remind us what is going on. Tell and remind is the best policy, but just the first step. We'll usually tell you a stretch or mobility exercise, but again, we're not doctors. If things don't clear up in a week or two max, you should see a professional.

If something pops up, and you're newer to CrossFit (1 year or fewer), its likely an issue you already had, but hadn't experienced because you haven't done such demanding exercise. I almost always see these things go away with a little time and improved positions and efficiency. 

For experienced CrossFitters the most common injuries we see are over-use injury. Over-use is often synonymous with under-recovery. All of my CrossFit injuries have distinctly happened in WOD's where I felt run down and fatigued even before starting. I was most likely starving, undernourished, and dehydrated. Eat more carbohydrate and sleep better when you start feeling this way. 

Feeling tired? Be more specific. Did you have a big lunch and feeling sleepy? Come train, you'll wake up. Is it 4:30am and it feels like your alarm came on way too early, come train, you'll never regret it. I think the biggest tell to evaluate your recovery and nutrition is your mood. You can be just tired, that's normal and natural, training won't be detrimental. Are you an otherwise reasonable and happy adult, but you snapped at your spouse for nothing and want to drop kick your toddler for being too clingy, maybe you should have like an apple and take a nap. 


111317// Ok so what’s next?


Rowing Intervals for times

600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100m

Rest as needed between sprints


You competed on Saturday! It was awesome to watch! I hope you had a lot of fun! Some of you admitted though, that you’ve been training hard and being consistent largely because you felt obligated to your team or you wanted to get your money’s worth from the comp. Whatever the reason, you’ve been particularly “on it” largely because of the looming comp. This is an awesome effect of signing up to compete or race or perform, your preparation is elevated!  

I imagine though that some of you are left now with the feeling of, “Ok now what do I have to look forward to?” Some of you may already be marking your calendars for the next one. I even thing that some of you may be a little scared like, “oh gosh! Does this mean I’m a competitive CrossFitter now? Do I need to keep chasing this dragon in order for my training to be worth anything?”  

”The competition is over. Now What”.... Monday, that’s what. You love your life, I know because you do wild and intense stuff like CrossFit. Rest easy in knowing that you can just come to the gym and enjoy training. Especially if you’re feeling like the gym may not be as meaningful without some event to look forward to, maybe this is your opportunity to embrace the other reasons why you like CrossFit or even just your community at Harvest. It is great to have a motivator like an event, but a little contentment can allow you to think of some unique or personal inspiration as well. Surfers rarely are surfing to compete, surfing is fun. Body builders chase the pump. Runners love to feel the pounding pavement, they get runners high. I may be a weirdo, you may be too, but I just love to get obliterated by a wod! That’s enough for me, no need for competition, I often forget to even write my time or score on the board. You’ll get the most out of your training if you just enjoy exercise.


With all that said, there is another opportunity compete this weekend!  “Happy Wodsgiving” is a scaled only partner competition at Chalk Box Training this Saturday. You can register at www.nwotb.com. It looks like an awesome little event. M/M M/F F/F partner options!



Heavy Day// 

Banded Speed Back Squat

12x2 @ 185, 155, 135, 115, 85, or 65

3x 10 GHR

     20 Sumo Straight Leg DL 165/100

     12 GHD Back Extension

1x100 RDL 65/45


Row 1k Fast


Row 1k Slow


I get a little overwhelmed, a little emotional when I consider that we have 13 teams competing! I feel really blessed to be a part of something that has made 39 people excited enough about their fitness to go and test it in front of a crowd (there’s probably more than that, but some of you just missed the boat this time, there will be others) It’s a really big deal! Many of you came to us and probably never really considered such a thing and now you’re going for it! 

Logistically, expect a long line in the morning to check in. Unfortunately, the earlier the better... even if your heat isn’t until like after 9am. We’ll have a camp set up in the stands near our normal spot. You can look for our banner.

Whether you’re going for a win or podium spot or if you’re just in it for the experience, I hope you enjoy it. Really, that is all you can do. You can’t choose your judge or the events.  There is a lot left to strategy, but strategize for fun too! You could do all the math figuring out the squats or breaking down the wall ball reps. Or you could just do the squat you like best! There is plenty of work to be done so share the load. You could be a hero, but maybe at the cost of one of your teammates feeling like they didn’t contribute.

Saturday is just a party and we’re all celebrating the progress you’ve made!