22018 Cravings


*The point of this workout is to move through full ranges of motion with light weight continuously for 20:00. Movement quality and consistency is more important than a intensity and big score. Only one score counts this week!!!

20:00 AMRAP

5 Squat Snatch 75/55

7 Hand Release Push-Up

10 Box Jumps - No Rebounding 24/20


If you have a teen in teens class, have them dressed for rope climbs! 


Actual physical hunger is really easy to satisfy. Hunger Pangs or the possibly painful feeling of hunger goes away really quickly after you consume some calories. Once you get to work on digesting some substance, those feelings go away and you're good to go. 

Cravings though, are a different beast and believe it or not, they're good. When you feel like you really really want some chips or a cinnamon roll or you're going to punch a child, your body is telling you something about what you need. Yah, cravings are usually really counterproductive to us loosing fat, but they are basically our physiology transcending our will power. I think it's pretty cool that our body was created so intelligently that it tries really hard to keep us from killing ourselves. Your physiology is so strong that it'll even transcend your morality, ex. hungry enough to steal food or commit a crime to feed your kids. Cravings and hunger are great for survival, food companies though have capitalized on our physiology and create foods that really never satisfy true hunger. You wanted a cookie, and you had a cookie, but by the time you realize what's going on, you're 8 deep into a pack of nutter-butters and wanting more. When you confuse cravings with actual physical hunger it is a recipe for disaster. 

Hunger is really general, but cravings are specific. Think pregnant lady wants cereal at some random non-cereal time of the day. I'm willing to bet you've seen some cute info-graphic on pinterest that says, "If you're craving this, then your body wants that, so eat _____." That is not wrong, and could be helpful, but it's a huge oversimplification. How many friends do you have that lost 80lbs and say, "I lost it all after seeing this cute pinterest info-graphic?" That info-graphic or chart you saw in women's health is oversimplified because there isn't a category that says, you're craving french fries because your husband was mean to you, and your kids kept you up all night. Your cravings have to do with hormones like dopamine and seratonin, and life circumstances, and social pressures, and addiction, and fear-of-missing-out, and sometimes nutritional needs.

So what do I do with all of that? Slow down. Name and Identify your craving. You can first ask yourself, "why do I want this so bad?" Think of all the reasons you might want a cookie. -When I see a milk commercial - When I see a cookie at the store - My mom always made me cookies when I was sad - I crave anything I see - I tried to eat one cookie but now I want more - I haven't eaten a carb in 3 days - I've had two beers and after two drinks, I'll eat anything. The cute pinterest infographic says you want a cookie because you need chromium?? smh... you want a cookie because you spent the weekend eating like an a-hole and sugar is more addictive than crack. 

If you're conscious of why or when you're craving stuff, then you can notice patterns. You can also identify what you're expecting to gain from eating the food you want. "I think a big bowl of Mac and Cheese will make me feel comfort." Is there something else that can provide that comfort? A warm bath? A nap? A banana? How many times have you found yourself in the kitchen right before bed pounding a salty snack like crackers or chips? Crackers are for parties and cheese, not eating alone standing in front of the glow of the fridge. In the entirety of humanity, never has our survival hinged on how many cheesy fish we can cram before bed. Something else is going on. 

The crappy thing about processed foods is that they can satisfy our psychological cravings with with a mega-dose of dopamine or serotonin, but they're really easy to overeat. So you're like, "Ok great, no processed food, I just won't eat food then." Psychological cravings are only exacerbated by actual hunger. The cool thing about whole foods, is that they're really filling. I rarely reach for the sweets when I'm satisfied with whole foods because it was already hard enough to finish the plate of broccoli, eggs , and oat meal as it was. When you're staring at your hand-full of broccoli with breakfast, you can remind yourself that later on, you'll be less likely to reach for the pringles. 

You really can't control your cravings, but you can bring them into the light and examine them. You certainly can't do that with your mouth full of Ben and Jerry's, eyes rolling back in your head and saying, "yah, that's the stuff." It's too late then. Point them out, identify them, ask what you would hope to get from eating whatever it is you crave. You're still going to slip up, but the more often you point this stuff out, sooner or later, it'll turn into action. 


21918 More Open Stuff

President's Day// Normal Schedule for Adults and Kids. No teens


Row 2k x2

It's time! One reason I love the CrossFit Open is the fact that you are competing with the top dogs! You can say "I play basketball," but I don't think any of you have ever played with Lebron James. This week you're competing against Matt Fraser and Tia Clair Toomey! You can certainly treat the next 5 weeks like the last 100 weeks you've been doing CrossFit, but it is just really fun to treat it like your very own Superbowl.

-We plan on continuing our weekly operations as usual with the exception of Saturday. Saturday morning we'll retain our 8am hour as a free trial class for new athletes. You're welcome to come start warming up as early as 8:30am (just stay out of the way of class if one is going on) and depending on the workout, we'll probably start judging around 9:15am. All of the logistics really depend on the WODs. If you need to get your workout out of the way, show up early and get your name on the board for the first or an early heat. We'll hang out as long as it takes to judge everyone who wants to do their workout Saturday. 

-Your easiest option for being judged is Saturday morning, but the WOD for Friday will be the Open WOD for that week. There will be bonus points for going out of your way to come in to judge. ex. Lisa can't make it in on Saturday this week because there is a Subaru convention she wants to go to, so she asks her best buddy Chelsea to come in and judge her workout on Friday. Chelsea will get a couple extra Intramural points for her team that week. 

-If you need to get it done Thursday night, you'll be an astronaut, but just show up around 5:30, watch the Open announcement and get to warming up and tell us all how hard it is!

-Try to get it done Thursday, Friday or Saturday because Sunday and Monday aren't guaranteed, but we'll do what we can to get it done! I'm also willing to judge your WOD at weird between-class-times if you're truly in a bind.

lets say your name is Mark and you're going to show up to workout on Friday even if you plan on showing up Saturday to workout, you can warm up with the class, and do a mini version of the Open WOD to get a good feel of the stimulus and figure out your best game plan for Saturday morning. We don't recommend doing the entire WOD without a judge if you're registered for the Open. 

Here is the Points breakdown for our hiOpen//

- Reps// All the reps you complete are points regardless of your division or type of WOD. Ex. Rx reps score the same as Scaled Masters reps. Whatever is showing on the online leader board after you submit your score is your points for the hiOpen.

- Judging// Any WOD you judge on Saturday is worth 10 reps. Any WOD you come in to judge for a friend on a Thursday, Friday, Sunday, or Monday is 15 reps. You do not need to take the Online Judges course, but it is a great little course that helps you understand the movement standards-- They're also the movement standards we're trying to achieve on a daily basis at HCF.

- Team Spirit!// Each week will have a theme, and if you dress accordingly, that's an easy extra 10 reps! Week 1- Team Spirit! Week 2- 80's Party! Week 3- USA all the way! Week 4- Luck of the Irish! Week 5- ???TBA???


Harvest CrossFit Intramural Open


Most workouts are pretty simple in design and that makes them pretty elegant- this one kind of throws that to the wind, so sorry in advance if I have to explain this one multiple times tomorrow.

For Time

5-4-3-2-1 Clean and Jerks, increase the load each round (Rx 155/95, 185/110, 215/125, 225/135, 245/145)

2 Rope Climbs



Cost $20, just sign up for the CrossFit Open

What it’s all about// Community, Participation, Competition, Pushing yourself, Fun! 

For the CrossFit Open, we're introducing the Intramural Format! Competing against 300k athletes world-wide is an awesome experience, but the more locally you check the leaderboard, the more interesting it gets. World wide- great I'm 10,000th- Pretty Good! Oh wow- 400th in the region! WHAT?!- 100th in the state! Cool! And until now we didn't have much in-house competition. The Intramural Open gives you a team to rally around and encourage! We'll award points a couple ways. 1. Participate- your first attempt at any workout is points! 2. Your Score- Whatever reps you score, no matter your division are added to your score! 3. Judging- each time you judge a workout, Points! 

So far, the people already registered for the Open have been divided into teams captained by an HCF coach. You can make your team as big as you want, so you have a week basically to recruit more athletes. More athletes obviously means more points. 

What if I want to do the Open, but no one asked me to be in their team?-- When you register for the Open, we'll put you on a team.

What if I want to do the Open, but don't want to be on a team?-- Too bad, you're on a team.

How many workouts can I judge for points?-- As many as you want! Go wild, get those points.

Can I re-do workouts for more points?-- Sure, you can do the workouts as many times as you like, but you'll only get the final points that you submit to the online leader-board.

Here is the current teams, but by the time you read this, more people may have already been recruited so you better get to inviting your buddies to join your team!

ROBOTS// Devin J., Mark, Ruby

Battle Buddies// Justin, Brittany, Ben

name tba// KyLee, Matt J., Rachael

name tba// Chris, Katie, Josh G., Shawna 

name tba// Melissa, Janna, Mike, Misty

name tba// Matt M., Amy W., Kate

name tba// MacLarin, Micah, Laura 



21518 Start Here!

Heavy Day//

Front Squat 10-10-10

GHR+GHD deadlift

Weighted Sit Ups

Banded Good morning Finisher

If you were to train here for 10 years and only learned one thing about Nutrition, I would want you to have a rudimentary understanding of the Macronutrients- be able to identify Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate. Here is just a really basic, but important break down to help you out in identifying these macronutrients. BUT I'm going to use words like "best" or "lacking" or "insufficent" and it'll be easy to equate those words with "most nutritious" or "most beneficial". We're just identifying these macronutrients, but we can sit down and debate and research and discuss what is most nutritious for what purpose for infinity.

Protein- The best protein source is lean meat and eggs- lean cuts of Poultry, Beef, Pork, Game, Fish. What I mean about 'best' though is that lean meat is really mostly protein. There's protein in lots of foods, which may or may not be the best option for eating protein. Dairy like milk, cheese, yogurt, all have significant protein. Depending on the type, they could be high in protein, they could also be higher in fat or sugar, so depending on what the source has the most of, you might call it a fat source. Legumes and lentils- beans, peas etc, also have protein. Like dairy, they are certainly to be considered if you're looking for protein, but they are more of a carbohydrate source. There is also protein in grains. For example, gluten is a protein and there are plenty of cereals that boast higher protein, but like legumes they are mainly carbohydrate. 

Carbohydrate- Fruit, Gourds, Starchy vegetables like potatoes or other roots, Legumes, and Grains. Most people can get sufficient carbohydrate from fruit, gourds, starchy veg, and roots. Depending on your activity, or digestion, or food tolerances though, grains and legumes are really easy carbohydrate sources. Sugars like fructose, sucrose, lactose, ends in "ose" are carbohydrates too. 

Fat- Nuts, seeds, nut-like legumes (peanuts, cashews), avocado, olive, fatty cuts of animal. Full fat dairy like butter, cream, and cheeses. Oils. 

Someone reading this is going to say to themselves, "oh that's what carbohydrate is?" which is awesome. A lot of people may not have even read this far because they know the difference, also awesome. You can see though that there are plenty of things that aren't so easily classified. Take bacon for example- comes from an animal. I love it, but in order for me to call it a protein source and to get the amount of protein I want from it, that's like 50g of fat. I don't need 450 calories from fat that I would rather have from carbohydrate. Same with beans. I love beans, but if I want say 40g of protein at a certain meal, to eat that many beans could be like 110g of carb. 110g of carb in one sitting does not feel very good. 

This is all just scratching the surface of nutrition, but it's a good starting point. It could also be a good exercise for you and your kids. We teach kids to read and do math and "tell-me-what-a-dog-says" so they're probably capable of knowing the difference between chicken and rice and maybe why their meal should have both rather than just cheez-its or a pancake. 

Start by classifying the whole foods you come across. Processed foods, at least tasty ones, have all three macro-nutrients but in amounts that just make them taste good. A girl scout cookie is mainly carbohydrate, but there's also probably a significant amount of fat. if it's hard to classify, don't even try and if you eat it don't try to justify it, just enjoy it.   


21318 On Recovery


20:00 AMRAP

4 Ring Muscle Up

25 Air Squats

4 Bar Muscle Up

25 AbMat Sit Ups

Does your week look like this?

Monday- BOOM! CrossFit! Lets Go! Love it!

Tuesday- Ok, that was tough, little sore, but I'm still loving it!

Wednesday- Ouch, ok really feelin' it. I can scale today right?

Thursday- I hate CrossFit

Friday- Devin, you're a piece of $&%*#

There is a way to train hard day in and day out and not feel all of the physical effects of high intensity training nor the emotional or mental effects of constant punishment. Do steroids.

But seriously, it is very possible to get to the end of the week and not feel like a truck ran you over.

I think the easiest and most practical thing you can do is eat enough. We can all try to eat cleaner, but ‘cleaner’ doesn't replace ‘enough’. Think about this too, during the week, look at how you eat. Portions in check, no sugar or beer, coffee is black or water only, and getting in some healthy veg! I skipped dinner- Go Me! Friday, Saturday- national pizza day, pancakes with the kids Saturday morn- no wonder you feel so good on Monday Morning! My hope is that you would just eat much more healthy foods in general so I wouldn’t need to suggest this, but what if your cheat night was Wednesday so you’re fueled to train Thursday and Friday? How often do you hit the junk pretty hard Friday only to move very little and relax on the weekend? Eat like a rabbit to do really hard exercise, but then eat whatever you please only to sit and watch kids sports. Doesn’t add up.

Along with eating more, sleeping more is the other pillar of recovery. I don’t know what that would look like in your busy and kid filled life. You gotta find a way though. Create a routine that tells your body it’s time to turn down. Light reading, a bath, going to bed and just lying still even if you’re not quite ready to sleep. Any sort of consistent routine improves the quality of your sleep and recovery.  

Us coaches will ask how you’re feeling to kind of get a read on what to expect from you. Something’s bothering you, and I’m immediately considering how I’m going to have you scale or what I’m going to watch for in your movement. If you’re just feeling tired or uninspired though, there’s not a stretch or cool foam rolling trick to fix your energy or attitude or ambition. Eat a potato and go to bed!


2818 Rah Rah Sisboom Bah!


7 Rounds For Time

7 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

9 Box Jumps 30/24


There are a couple different ways we structure the stimuli of our workouts. We have Time Priority WODs where there is a set amount of time and we want to do as much work as we can in that time. In Task priority WODs, there is a prescribed amount of work and we want to see how long it takes to complete that work. AMRAP (20:00 5 pull-up, 10 Push Up, 15 Air Squat) and For Time (20 rounds of ‘Cindy’ as fast as possible) feel different, we’d attack them differently, they achieve similar but different adaptations, but socially for the group dynamic, they’re potentially wildly different (but we want to avoid that). 

You’ll notice during an AMRAP everyone is working, coaches are coaching which includes technique, logistics and effort. If everyone’s safe and moving well, it will sound basically like encouragement.  Everyone finishes at the same time. 

What this post is really about is the end of any Task Priority aka ‘For Time’ wod. Everyone is going to finish at different times. You might be racing someone or yourself, but unlike the AMRAP, there will be a period of time, possibly even a long time between the end of your WOD and everyone else’s. You can and should encourage your fellow athletes, but there are some right and wrong ways to go about it. 

You shouldn’t just shout “let’s go [name] “ arbitrarily. It’s innocent enough and I don’t question your genuine care for that person, but CrossFit is such that the movements are measurable. That person’s limiting factor isn’t that there aren’t enough people shouting their name, they’re just resting, which is probably an important part of them being able to do the next rep safely. For the same reason, let’s say someone has another lap left or some more burpees and they’re the last person. Doing those final reps with them isn’t helping them, and even if it did help, that’s not the intended stimulus of the workout. The board won’t ever say, 5 rounds for time but 3 of them are on your own and the 4th and 5th round you have to put up with Joe bringing a bunch of added attention to himself by shouting at you and doing extra burpees next to you like a high school football practice. Let them finish on their own terms. 

Community is really important here at Harvest so here is how you should go about cheering on your friends at the end of a For-time WOD. When coaches are instructing effort, what they do is let people rest, if coach thinks the athlete should be ready to continue, they’ll say something like, “alright, it’s time,” or “yup, you’re ready, let’s go.” And it’s usually descreet. Let coaches coach effort. What you should do is this, and it’s an awesome way to go about it. Your friend is staring at the bar, let them stare at the bar, but once they start back in on some reps, that is the right time to be vocal, “yah good job man! You got this. Great rep!” 

Just waiting that moment for someone to pick up the bar and start moving on their own terms, is night and day different from yelling some version of “GO HARDER.” Random shouting says, “I’m done, you need to finish too because I’m weird about waiting.” Watching and praising says, “I’m actually invested in what you’re doing and I understand what you’re going through.” And doing the reps with them is just obnoxious.

For-time workouts are really important to our intensity and fitness, but it’s inevitable that there will be a last person. Having been the last person as many times as I’ve been first, I’ll say that I just don’t appreciate someone inserting themselves into the end of my workout, but at the same time I love being praised for moving when it happens! I have a suspicion that most people feel the same way.