I can do things!

So there I was... at our church potluck, staring the dessert table in the face. I went for it- the Costco M&M cookie, half dipped in white chocolate. I knew what I was in for- bliss followed by guilt and shame, but I had to have it. With the cookie on my plate I immediately got two comments: "cheat day, huh?" and "that's why you work out, right?!" Well, I have this desire to be witty and funny, ya see, but sometimes I turn out like Winston, from New Girl, and take it too far. I responded with "No, this is the reason I still look the way I do, Hahahaha!" ..... There was sympathy laughter and we went our separate ways. (Don't get me wrong- it was a passing by conversation, and they weren't judging me.) As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I wanted to wash it out with soap. My attempt to have a funny comeback turned into the box owner/role model/encourager/coach making a self defeating fat-joke-like comment...  Smooth Mac, real smooth... 🙄

The fact of the matter is all three of us were wrong. cheat days are great if you're just starting to set goals for clean eating, but once you've been doing it for a while, you learn that binge eating all your "must haves" on Saturday will only get you back to square one on Sunday. About the second comment- please don't workout just so you can eat what you want. A. It doesn't work that way, B. I watch you work WAY too hard, day in and day out, for it to only be worth a cookie, and C. that will only take you down the path of anxiety as you become a slave to food. 

Then there's what I said... (If only the rolling it's eyes emoji was continuous...) The truth is, it was truth! If I'd said that to any of you in the gym it might've been no big deal, but to convey to my non-CF friends that I'm concerned about looking   better was just poor form. I apologize, friends, for still struggling with the age-old ideal of what women should look like. I'm a CrossFitter for goodness sake! I can do sweet stuff that the majority of humans cannot do! I can run fast-ish, lift heavy, walk on my hands and climb a rope, all in one hour! And I'm concerned about the way I look?! Insert eye roll... It's true, not eating cookies will make you look better, but please, please , PLEASE don't turn down the cookies for that reason solely; instead, turn down the cookie because you want to climb that rope that has defeated you thus far, or you want to squat with your heels on the ground or an upright chest- because you want to run without stopping, jump higher, do burpees better- because you want to get your chin above that bar without the band, get your chest up and over those dang rings, get the ball to the dang line, or get that dang bar over your head!!! Get it? Got it? Good. See ya tomorrow!


Here's this week's programming:  

Monday// Back Squat 6X4

Tuesday//  4-3 Minute bouts

Run 200m and AMRAP snatch 95/65


Row 30 cal

30 Wall Balls 20/14

25 Pull Ups

20 Handstand Push Ups

25 Pull Ups

30 Wall Balls

Thursday// 5-4-3-2-1 Rope Climb

10 Thrusters 95/65 where the dashes are 😉 

Friday// Deadlift 6X3

Saturday// no classes because of the competition! Come to Newport to watch 9 of our HCF athletes compete in the Rogue Rampage!  

*Now that you know the programing, two things: No cherry picking! And stay tuned this week for more exciting news in the blog!



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