Coach MacLarin's Story

My fitness journey began young, growing up the daughter of a successful Water Fitness Professional. Growing up in this environment made me always aware of the importance of being fit and healthy. I grew up playing all the typical kid sports, and found my groove in Ballet and Swimming.

My first quarter in college, I knew I wanted to be an accountant. Yeah, right. I got gentle discouragement from family with this idea, but continued on until I got a "C" in finite math... One day, Sarah, my co-worker, said, "Just do Exercise Science". Having always been fascinated with bones and muscles since 2nd grade, this interested me. She told me to take a couple classes just to test the waters, so I did. I never turned back. I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition Science. 

From there, I began training people at a gym/physical therapy office nearby that first exposed me to the idea of "functional fitness". //what a thought...// I gained a lot of experience at that location, but most of all I met a guy named Taylor. //You mean... Devin, right?// No, Taylor Clark. A fellow trainer who was himself, working out at a CrossFit gym. He told me about how awesome it was and that he would soon be leaving to open his own box. //box means gym// I, of course, wanted to support him in this, so when Ellensburg CrossFit opened, I made Devin go with me to try it out. Once again, I never turned back. 

Devin and I got married a year later and began dreaming about our //gym that we'd have someday//. For a year, this was just a dream of mine, but it was always real for Devin // I love that about him// The reality of this opportunity came to a head in September 2013, and we started saving. The last 3 years have been a crazy ride, and we really hope you ask us about it. It has been a testament to God's grace and provision and it's been so rad.

Now we're here!!! In beautiful little Dallas, OR to learn with you, suffer with you, and celebrate with you on all of our journey's towards health and fitness. 

I am fascinated with the way God designed our bodies to move, cope and thrive. I want to show others how to become healthy, strong, and courageous through Harvest CrossFit. 

I am fascinated with the way God designed our bodies to move, cope and thrive. I want to show others how to become healthy, strong, and courageous through Harvest CrossFit. 


Devin in College-


Enter CrossFit!...and MacLarin-

Fun/Luvable/BEAST/ *fluffy personality intact


A.    Once upon a time Devin was a much larger and unhealthy fellow compared to what he is now...

B.    MacLarin graduated college and became a personal trainer...

C.    Devin and MacLarin agreed to get married- it was a mutual agreement...

D.    MacLarin signed Devin up to join Ellensburg CrossFit...

E.    In time for their wedding, Devin lost 80#...

F.    MacLarin quit her globo gym training job and joined CrossFit as well...

G.   Devin and MacLarin are just like any other beastly fit couple on earth, but they decided to share their CrossFit knowledge with a rad little town called Dallas (not The Dalles) Oregon... 

H. We stay robust (sexy) by eating Paleo-ish six days a week and CrossFit training!

Coach Justin.jpg

Coach Justin

I played sports since I can remember, but excelled most in baseball and went on to play in college until an injury derailed that. Some friends told KyLee and me that we would really enjoy HCF. I was also at a weight and lifestyle I wan't happy with, wanted a change and HCF was that change! 

I enjoy helping people. Coaching allows me to help athletes correct movements and push themselves further than they would by themselves.

Favorite Benchmark Workout: Grace

Fun Facts: I love competition, NASCAR, and my smoking hot wife! 





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Coach KyLee

I've played sports since the 5th grade. Volleyball and softball are what I stuck with through high school. Then after school I was off-and-on working out and weightlifting until I started at Harvest. 

I was nervous to start CrossFit to be honest because of a back injury I've dealt with for about 3 years now, but I started to gain more weight and I didn't want to go back to a global gym routine. So I finally listened to our close friends, tried it out, and am so incredibly thankful!
I love teaching; as a nurse I do patient education every day. Coaching gives me the opportunity to help others learn about specific movements and fitness in general. The look of an athlete's face when they finally achieve a goal is absolutely amazing. 

Favorite benchmark WOD: Diane or Fran or Annie!

Fun Facts: I work at Salem Hospital as a cardiac ICU nurse, night shift; to say I'm not a morning person is an understatement! I could watch videos of baby goats all day!

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Coach Melissa

I’ve played sports my whole life. Soccer and softball have been the sports I’ve loved playing the most, but I did play basketball and ran on the track team as well. Soccer is the only sport I stuck with through high school. Since then, I’ve played indoor soccer here and there and have helped coach soccer at the high school and for Kids Inc. 

How I got started with CrossFit: I had lots of friends that were doing it and raving about it. I was at a point in my life that I wanted to make a change, get my endurance and strength back so I made the leap and have never once looked back. Before CrossFit, I had tried regular gyms and at home workouts, never being able to stick with them. Best decision ever! 

My favorite part of coaching is getting to interact with everyone and help them gain confidence in themselves. It’s an awesome feeling when someone is surprised by their own abilities when I only gave them encouragement or helped them learn a movement a little better. 

My favorite benchmark is Grace. So fun! 

Fun Facts: I’m a nurse at Dallas Retirement Village, I have 3 crazy/wonderful kids and I love pizza!

Coach Chris

Coach Chris