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Do you want to change your body?

Harvest CrossFit

MacLarin Jones CF-L2/BS Exercise Science (509)859-3779

Devin Jones CF-L2 (509)899-2388

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5 Year Anniversary Event 

EVERYONE who has EVER worked out at HCF, is welcome to participate on July 13th! There will be two partner WODs starting at 9am, followed by a potluck. 3 Person Teams, you choose your partners! No trophies - we’re just celebrating our fitness! $25 per person will go toward raffle tickets for prizes and new equipment! The events will be made up of simple gymnastics and weightlifting… and running! Friends and family are encouraged to spectate! Register yourself below and then tell us what you’re bringing to the potluck!

 Teen Summer Session

Teenagers 11-17. 44 sessions to turn yourself into a machine. CrossFit is the best conditioning tool for young athletes. You’ll laugh at how easy conditioning drills are when you start your fall sports season. The HCF Summer session will be the hardest summer of your young life. Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to be the strongest and fastest you’ve ever been?

June 17- August 27 6am or 8:30am Monday-Thursday

$300, $200 each additional sibling. Sign up at Harvest CrossFit in person or register online by choosing the option above.


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is High Intensity, Constantly Varied, Functional Movements. The foundation is nutrition and we believe it to be an elegant solution to the world's most vexing problem- Chronic Disease