Commitments: For more details about programs, click Programs above.

Harvest Basics $250 Four 1-on-1 intro classes then unlimited classes through the calendar month. 

Foundations Class $150/ Four weeks/ Two days a week for an hour/This class is not an ongoing class. Please contact us to find out when the next session is starting.

Month to Month $150 or $130* if you make it to 20 workouts in a billing period- yep we take attendance. 

*At Harvest CrossFit, we want you to get fitter and the truth is, the most effective program is a consistent one. We want to see your face as much as possible! As you figure out your nutrition and recovery needs, you'll realize the importance of rest days, so every day there will be an active recovery version of the workout, so whether or not your hitting it hard for 20 days a month, we want you to move and be a part of the community 20 days a month. Traveling on business or vacation? Create your own workouts and let us know what you did so you can get your attendance points!

Additional Family Members $85 {Same household, same payment account}

6 Month Commitment $130 billed monthly or $702 paid in full

-You committed to 6 months of training! Awesome! Here's a deal! 

12 Month Commitment $120 billed monthly $1,296 paid in full

Best Value! With great commitment comes great results!

**The 6 and 12 month options can be frozen, just let us know 15 days in advance. If you need to cancel or put your membership on hold, you will be charged $20/month for the remaining months of your commitment or for each month of the hold. 

CrossFit Kids $50 for Kids of HCF members, $60 non members.

CrossFit PreK $50 for Kids of HCF members, $60 non members.

Personal Training $65/session- 4 session minimum, or 8 half-hour sessions $260

Open Gym Programming $50

Off-Site Programming $80/month

Drop:In:Visit- $15- Drop in Etiquette// Call or email ahead, please do not show up unless you get a hold of someone. Show up about 5 minutes early to sign a waiver and pay and meet the coach. Do the programming we’ve programmed. Drop-ins are only for experienced CrossFitters who are current members at a CrossFit affiliate. CrossFit-ish gyms are excluded.

Referrals- Get a buddy to sign up for at least one month and you'll get $10 off your next month. unlimited. You could work out for free forever-forever. Go ahead work the system!