Monday 10.06.14// But MacLarin, I Wan't It!

We are 5 days into the HCF Paleo Challenge Everyone! How are you feeling? Some things you may be experiencing are fatigue, cravings, crankiness and the fear of missing out on tasty food. Well, let me encourage you in saying that I know you are also NOT experiencing food comas, bloating, or regret of consumption. I will even venture to say that if you have been following this strictly, you've even lost a few pounds, huh? //So this is supposed to make us lose weight too, you ask?// Why yes, if you have some to lose, Paleo will help you get there; however, if you're looking to bulk up your muscle mass, it will help you do that as well - just eat more of that goodness! You will be able to gain muscle mass without gaining that body fat along with it. If leaning out is one of your goals, and you have not yet seen the scale go down this week, consider what may be halting that process. Did you actually cut out all the sugar, or are you still allowing some? Have you been replacing that sugar with sweet fruits? Are you getting the amount of water you need? Are you getting the amount of sleep you need? All of these factors play a part in leaning out as well as bulking up. 

I know you've probably had the "But I want it!" moment this week. If you hadn't then this wouldn't be a challenge, would it? Well, let me assure you that when you're Fran score is significantly better at the end of the month, you feel and look fantastic, and you have more money in your pocket, you will not be thinking, "Man, I wish I'd eaten out more this month!"

Back Squat 8.6.5. 5X3 (Heavy)

MetCon - 10 Minute AMRAP 

5 Thrusters (Must use 5 or 10lb heavier than your Fran weight)

40 Double Unders

*Bonus if time: 25 Hollow Rocks

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