Thursday 10.9.14//Why am I still sore?

Photo// 2nd prize for our HCF Paleo Challenge is this Bottle of Rex Hill Pino Noir //$55// thanks so much to Steve//the grapes grew on his soil!//for the donation.

Oh snap! 2nd prize is worth $55?!?! What baller prize is there for the champion?// Welp, rumor has it that... EAT YOUR VEGGIES-GO TO BED!


6 rounds not for time//full recovery between rounds

10 Perfect Pushups//scale to box, bench or wall//no knee or worm pushups

Max Effort Strict Pull-ups//Lightest band possible if you're scaling//no chicken necking!

10 'superman' back extensions


12 Minutes EMOM

3 Power Clean//get heavy ya'll! As long as you're looking solid, coach will toss some wheels your way;)

"Hey _________, How ya feelin' today?" "Still Sore:(" This is a common occurrence, don't fret//I'll explain.

Consider your experience at HCF so far// Day 1. Break the seal, you might never have moved like this ever in your life- obvy, no explanation needed for why you're sore.

First couple of weeks// Very sore every day, but you didn't die on day one so you get loose and gut it out!- You've experienced the intensity now//but you've probably never trained with this amount of volume either// also you were probably still eating a diet that you didn't realize was causing some significant inflammation.

4th through about the 8th week// Consider this, at Harvest CrossFit, we haven't just been giving you good workouts//thats the easy part. Just making someone sweat and breath really hard, anyone can do that.//We've been making you better movers. Daily, you are practicing and learning the tools to push yourselves much harder and further than you previously thought. You've been doing a lot of these movements over and over again, and are simply getting better at wall balls and burpees and kettle bell swings, thrusters, cleans etc.

I promise//The general soreness will go away, but do the math. We did half Cindy with our founding member Jon. He completed X number of rounds of 5 Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups 15 Air Squats in 10 minutes// At our grand opening, he beat his previous score by +2 rounds. Thats +40  reps. Had he been training the way he has been and not beaten his score, he might not have even been breathing hard, but a +40 rep improvement on a 10 minute workout after 4 weeks of training will leave it's mark!

Does it ever get easier?//Yes and no. You'll be better at tolerating the intensity and you'll learn how to maintain your own body. The workouts though --nope-- and you wouldn't want them to either!


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