11.20.14 Thursday Workout//CrossFit is a Strength Sport//Food for thought

CrossFit and RRFP

'The CrossFit Total'

1 Hour to find your// 1RM Back Squat, 1RM Shoulder Press, 1RM Dead Lift

If you haven't figured out already, CrossFit is a strength sport, though it's known for it's conditioning.

I always chuckle to myself when I hear someone say, "Well I don't wanna get too strong." And I want to ask, "Well don't you mean you don't want to get too big and bulky?" When we hear the word strong, there is a partially-true-at-best idea that enters our brain, and that strength is always accompanied by size. Half Truth//Big people are stronger. Typically you can assume that someone with more body mass has a higher strength capacity. I also thought this to be true...Until CrossFit. There are humans now who Deadlift 500# and run a 5 Minute Mile. BTW, both of those numbers are remarkable in the strength world and endurance world. Nobody scoffs at 500# or 5 min. We all know plenty of people who are bigger than us, and not nearly as strong. Likewise, for every dude who out-weighs me by 80lbs, there are about 4 little guys who I'm much bigger than, who can squat circles around me.

And if it really comes down to it, if you truly are getting too 'bulky' and don't appreciate your strength, simply quit. Being weak is really easy, getting there takes no effort at all.

"So can I get too strong?" No. Never worry about being too strong. NEVER. "Man I just wish I wasn't this strong and healthy." Said no one ever.

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