Tuesday 11.4.14// The number 1 food attitude to ruin your nutrition!!!


Clean and jerk// 6x3 // heavy // No EMOM Clock, full rest, but don't take forever


Bench Press



7 Minutes for total reps// 1 minute per movement

Push Ups

Kettlebell swings (53/35)

Sit Ups


Double Unders rx (single unders scale, just count all of them, no need for math--eww)

Air Squats

Burpees (c'mon, it's just a minute)

Without the inspiration of a Paleo Challenge, it will be much harder to keep eating clean. You'll think, "oh well I can have this if I want, we're not doing a challenge." A lasting positive of the challenge though, is that now you have a baseline for how you SHOULD feel from day to day. Example// This weekend I ate Pizza, Fries, and Chinese Food (not all in the same meal, but they might as well have been). In my bloated, and barely able to move food coma, the only thing I could think of was that I remembered feeling that way after many a meal throughout my life and I thought, "I can't believe I used to feel this way all the time." I always totally thought that that was just normal, and I thought that bloated was the true feeling of full and satisfied.

Needless to say, over the past 4 years, my relationship with food has changed for the positive. I still get urges and cravings. Those cravings were very hard to deny, until I finally saw my body start to change for the better.

1. FOMO//Fear of Missing Out- Too often food will appear that seems special// homemade//exotic//free//your favorite// and we feel like if we don't try it, we'll be missing out. Let me tell you though, that there will always be special food. You're not missing out on anything. There will always be a work party with free pizza. Your favourite donut shop isn't going out of business. You live in Oregon so that beer will come back next season. Pumpkin spice and egg nog aren't really THAT good.


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