Thursday Workout 12.11.14// at Harvest, you can be 'that' guy

My Facebook and social media have been overwhelmed lately it seems like with posts about 'that guy' at the CrossFit Gym that supposedly pisses off coaches or other athletes for any number of silly reasons. examples// A box in our region posted a picture with a few rowers left out and accompanied with a passive aggressive note that read something like "pick up your sh%#". Another gym posted a long rant about how they would ban athletes who 'shaved reps' or posted inaccurate scores or times. And then there's the 'keep the chalk in the bucket nazi's'. 

pulleeeaase let us know if Mac and I start acting like those turkeys! (the coaches mad at athletes for really silly reasons and then over-responding or posting a 'funny' video).

At Harvest these things ARE allowed// 1. Slamming barbells with only 10lb bumpers. 2. Writing the rep scheme on the floor to remind yourself. 3. Leaving your stuff out if you gotta leave in a hurry, or if heaven forbid, you forgot. 4. Using as much chalk as you want, that includes chalking up before handstand pushups, chalking your shoulders for back squat, chalking the barbell. 5. using the tape, tearing the tape down the center, taping the pull-up bar. 6. Forgetting or failing to count or check your time (this one is actually my #2 pet-peev, but there will never be a passive aggressive satirical video to make you feel foolish). 7. Post your pr's to social media. 8. take pictures of your food.

This isn't a health club, there is no etiquette. You don't need to wear Nano's. Just show up, be coachable, and work hard!..............but if you do want to buy nano's, use the link to Reebok from our home page;) Reebok 


A. Row 1.5k for time

B. BWC// 4 Rounds Not Timed// :30 ring hold in support, 5 inch worm

C. Accumulate 10 Minutes in the bottom of your squat-holding the rig or not

D. 5 Minutes of Double Under practice.

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