Wednesday 12.3.14 workout//What is Constantly Varied? Is there a method to this madness?



Front Squat 6x3


14 Min AMRAP


10 Deadlift 135/95

20 Lunges



Front Squat5x8


4 Rounds not timed

:30 Handstand Hold

3 Forward Rolls


For Time


Kettle Bell Swing//Touch the Kettle Bell Burpee

CrossFit=Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movements (btw, any order works when describing CrossFit)

What is Constantly Varied anyway?

Constantly Varied, first of all, is not: a. random b. muscle confusion (get that q80z bs out of your vocabulary)

Our Workouts are constantly varied for a number of reasons//

a. athletes fail at the margin of their experience. We expose our athletes to a wide range of movements so that you are good at everything. This is also about the process of learning new movement. Our brain's primary function is controlling our involuntary life processes and coordinating movement. Is it really important that you can do a beautiful burpee box jump in your everyday life? probably not, but if you learn new movements in the gym often, you are equipped to quickly learn all sorts of new movement patterns outside of the gym.

b. truth// constantly varied is intriguing. "Back and Bi's on monday, cardio tuesday and thursday...every single damn tuesday and thursday." shoot me now please. The argument against CV vs a repeated routine is that you won't see progress. First of all the argument is just wrong.  Second of all, lets say it is partially true//which do you think is more important, programming that is fun and sustainable, or programming that is boring and easy to quit? Politely let your friend know that Leg Day isn't a thing anymore!

c. Constantly varied isn't random. MacLarin and I program for Harvest CrossFit very intentionally based on the needs and weaknesses of our community! Every gym is a bit biased though, Ellensburg CrossFit, where we're from is very proud of having super strong athletes. Some gyms program more endurance biased workouts. We're trying our hardest to stay unbiased, but you might be able to see a little bias;) 


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