Monday Workout 8.24.14 // CrossFit for Golfers

Warmup// cold squat x5 > dynamic warmup & stretch >  squat re-test > banded hamstring mob > squat re-rest > calf/achilles smash mob > squat re-test

BB//High Bar Backsquat 10-10-5x5

BWC// hanging hip touch 3xM.E.

MetCon// 4 RFT run half lap & 20 thrusters 45/35

At least once a week, I want to spend a little time explaining why CrossFit is great for any Sport, Activity, Occupation, or Situation on a case by case basis. And so OBVIOUSLY I'll start at the most obvious choice// Golf.

Is it a sport? a Leisurely activity? Relaxing? Frustrating? D. All of the Above.

Increased work capacity// Golf takes practice, a freaking lot of practice, I've golfed my whole life and still can't break 80 (I don't golf nearly as much as I used to). And swinging a club believe it or not can get pretty expensive neurologically and physically. The golfers who score the best are the ones who spend the most time on the range. At Harvest CrossFit we spend a lot of time working on mobility (flexibility/ range of motion/ stability). Strong and flexible backs, shoulders, and hips means higher swing counts and longer range sessions! 

At CrossFit we teach and learn highly technical movements. Some examples are the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, the Muscle-up, kipping pull-ups, kipping handstand pushups. The amount of motor recruitment required for these movements is tremendous and the practice of such technical movements alone helps us develop a capacity for learning other technical movements. Is there a more technical movement than the golf swing? And then add the stimulus of being timed and fatigued and we cause some awesome neurological adaptations. Basically if you can feel why you missed a lift when you're drenched in sweat, heart pounding, and in a hurry, adjusting your golf swing on a nice day, becomes an easy task. Will CrossFit make someone a good golfer? No, because they don't exist. But the ways our bodies change and adapt to the many CrossFit stimuli, it's hard to believe that it won't improve anyone's game!

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