4.7.15 Workout and the goal board//


A. For Time

21 Toes To Bar// 21 Box Jumps 24/20

2 Rope Climbs

15 Toes To Bar// 15 Box Jumps 

2 Rope Climbs

9 TTB// 9 Box Jumps


B. For Time 

20 Push Ups// 20 Pistols Alternating

2 Rope Climbs

14 Push Ups// 14 Pistols

2 Rope Climbs

8 Push Ups// 8 Pistols 

Make sure to check out the Goal Board. Choose a box and write in some goals you would like to achieve for the next quarter (three months). It's important to write our goals down in a visible spot for a number of reasons. 

a. To remind ourself what we're working towards so we can hold ourself accountable.

b. To remind our training partners what were working towards so they can help hold us accountable.

c. To help the coaches program accordingly.


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