Tuesday 6.23.15//


For total working time: Row

600m (damper 5/3)

500m (6/4)

400m (7/5)

300m (8/6)

200m (9/7)

100m (10/8)

rest as needed between efforts

Thanks everyone for your support this weekend! MacLarin, Leigh, and I had a blast!

When it was all said and done we Finished 3rd overall and 4th in our division. That sounds pretty confusing, but it makes sense when you understand relative scoring. On a couple of workouts, the team that beat us in the division lost a few placings to teams in the other division and they also happened to be the workouts that we scored very well on.

Many of yourselves should seriously consider participating in the upcoming competition in Independence on August 2nd. The Rogue Rampage @ Rogue Farms right down the road in Independence.

Devin JonesComment