Thursday 6.25.15// Know your Fitness Domains- Strength

Gymnastics// 4 rounds not timed of- 5 Chin Ups, Handstand (choose one- 30 seconds, 20 hand releases, 12 shoulder taps), 8 ring push-ups or strict push ups.


3 rounds for time of

10 Push press 95/65

30 Double unders (3:1 scale)

10 Overhead Squat 95/65 (front squat scale)

30 Double unders

Strength! You would think that there would be at least SOMETHING that CrossFit agrees with in fitness with the rest of the fitness world...

"CrossFitters aren't strong!" says the bodybuilder/power athlete camp.

"I don't wanna get too strong." says the endurance athletes and beanpole model wannabes.

Enter CrossFit// there are humans who can Deadlift 500# and run a 5 minute mile. We want to get as strong as possible! I repeat AS STRONG AS POSSIBLE!....and as fast as possible, as flexible as possible, as coordinated as possible etc. So yes, you can get strong to the detriment of the other 9 fitness domains. Think of a traditional power lifter or body builder/ tremendously strong/ not necessarily great in the other domains.

Strength is our capacity to produce force. Simple. Lift heavy weight. Lift your body. But Strength isn't limited to movement. Strength is also your body's capacity to produce force upon itself. No not punching yourself in the leg. Stability. Holding a plank is an expression of strength. Pausing at the bottom of your squat is an expression of strength. Holding a heavy barbell overhead. Stability is an expression of strength.

What do you think is the greatest or most quintessential example of strength? I think it is the pistol squat! It requires the recruitment of nearly every muscle in your body. Thinks you're strong? Try a pistol squat!

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