Harvest Athlete Christmas List! & Week of 11.28 - 12.2.16

Monday// Heavy day- Front Squat

Wrist wraps// a great gift for the CrossFitter in your life! The questions remains of Velcro vs Cloth. And the answer isn't an easy one, but the question isn't really one that anybody should loose sleep over. If you need to immobilize your wrists for pressing, go with long Velcro 12". If you just get achy wrists from cleans or front squats, cloth wraps are really comfortable. If you're really pinching pennies, you could go with the Amazon special two-for-one, but the rogue straps will last just as long if not longer than the two pairs of Amazon straps.

RomWod// We pay for a monthly subscription to play in the Gym, but you can have your own personal access for half the price. We would like to be able to incorporate this stretching program more into the gym, but with limited class time we prefer to use the hour coaching the stuff we know a lot about...Yin Yoga is not one of those things. This would be great for anyone who asks us often, "what should I be doing outside of the gym to get better!" Link on or homepage!


Run 2 Miles

Knee Sleeves// 

1. Knee sleeves aren't magical.  2. Knee sleeves don't correct bad movement. 3. We do like to see some people in knee sleeves. 

Think of them more as warmers than support. And if you start wearing them, you must promise that you won't stop seeking a better squat. The squat doesn't hate your knees your knees hate the way you squat! 

3mm? 5mm? 7mm? How often do you wear knee sleeves? Heavy day only- 7mm. Any workout with deep knee bends 5mm. Every time you think of moving faster than a walk- 3mm. 



12 Minutes

15 American KB Swings

10 Candlestick Burpees

8 HAndstand Push Up

Mobility stuff// A foam roller. Lacrosse balls. Pull-up band. Go to YouTube and search MobilityWod and whatever body part is tight or sore and there will be no less than 100 videos on the subject and how to use any of these mobility tools.

Progenex// Because... Treat yo' self! 


MetCon- "Jackie" look it up! 

Shoes// Reebok Nano, Lifter (oly shoes), or Speed. Nike MetCon. They're bomb-proof and built exactly for what we're asking you to do. Do you need these shoes to do CrossFit? Nope, wearing any regular tennis shoe would just be like playing baseball in soccer shoes- probably not that big of a deal. Do we recommend any other shoes? Nope, if you asked your baseball coach what kind of shoes to buy, he would most likely recommend baseball shoes!

Other stuff//


Any non-stimulant pre-workout

Fish Oil

Rogue Apparell

Harvest CF Apparell

Junk Brands Headbands  



Heavy Day- Deadlift

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