Flexibility// RomWod

Skill & Conditioning//  

30 Min EMOM- cycling minutes

a. 2-5 unbroken pull-ups  

b. 20 double unders (:30 cap) 

c. 2 Turkish get-up


You have created a cool culture at Harvest CF. Harvest Athletes love to compete and party and all of you fall into one or both of those camps. I just think it's really cool that we get to spend our time with nice and competitive people! 20 of you are signed up to compete this Saturday but many more of you have shared with us the desire to compete in fitness at least once someday, so this information can benefit all the HCF team- competitors or future competitors!

You certainly can get fitter this late before the competition. You're not going to add 20 pounds to your clean and jerk in the next 3 days, but you can prepare and recover in such a way that your body is prepared to make its best effort and likely pr your clean and jerk on Saturday.

Be on a consistent hydration schedule. Mac and I differ in our philosophies on this. She would have you drink as much as you can stomach. I think you should drink as much as you need to keep from being thirsty. Choose one, but start now! Don't think you're going to pound a bunch of water fridaynight and Saturday morning and be properly hydrated. 

Eat clean so you feel good, healthy, fast, but eat enough. And by that, I mean pack it on! Do the math you have to eat a surplus of 3500 calories to gain a whole pound of fat. Very few of you even reach 2,000 (which is pitiful). No way are you going to gain enough weight to make pull-ups any harder. Likewise any drastic weight you drop between now and then or even from last Monday and Saturday will not make moving any easier. On the contrary. Weekly weight swings are nothing more than your muscles being depleted of glycogen (fuel). That glycogen takes water to store, no glycogen, less water, looks good on the scale, you're stoked, BUT you're draggin'. Slow and no gas in the tank like many of you today! Please eat.


the workout has pull-ups. Don't tear! Squeeze the bar! The board reads 2-5 per minute. Those need to be unbroken and in rhythm. If you drop off the bat or loose your tempo, please do not jump back up in the same minute. Wait until pull-ups comes back around and try again! 


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