Whoa! There is a bunch of exciting stuff coming up that you need to know about as Harvest CrossFit Athletes!

April 22// CrossFit Games Ticket Pre-sale// MacLarin and I are planning to make the trip again to watch the CrossFit Games in LA this summer. The actual games are July 19-24, but tickets go on sale for us the morning of 4.22. We'll be getting the $335 packages, fingers crossed, (admission to everything, and reserved seating in the soccer stadium). That is just for the tickets and we'll finalize our travel and accommodation after we've actually gotten the tickets reserved (anybody have a condo or nice aunt we can stay with?) It is a really fun trip to make and we would really enjoy the company of any of you guys for the trip! (Well 6 of you, we can only buy 8 packages)

April 30// Salem Slaughterfest// All day Saturday (8am-5:30pm). We have 5 teams competing! Come cheer loud and hang out with everybody at CrossFit Salem. These competitions are always a fun time even if you just watch an event or two. We'll post a specific event schedule when we know it!

May 20-22// CrossFit Games Northwest Regional// Friday, Saturday, Sunday at the Moda Center in Portland! This is also a super fun event to watch. Getting to see the best athletes from our part of the earth perform is an awesome experience, but it's also a lot of fun to visit the different vendors to try samples and hold products in your hands considering there's not a lot of CrossFit gear actually sold in stores. You might get a little gassy from all the protein samples though:/ Rachael's parents have offered their couches and floors for us to crash in Happy Valley too! Get your tickets from

May 30// Memorial Day, The Murph Challenge// You've already seen the banner and have been talking about it on FB and in class. We will be having one class on Memorial day for Murph *TBA*, but most likely 4 or 5pm. Go to to read more about the organization and to give to a worthy cause. Registrants get a t-shirt, hat, and placement of a world-wide leaderboard! Unfortunately we don't have enough weighted vests for everyone (it's not required) so if you'd like to do Murph weighted, you still have several weeks to buy or borrow a weight vest!

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