Did July even happen? Where did it go? Progenex order on Friday. Women's muscle tanks are on the way, but we ordered extra in case you didn't get your name on the list. We also ordered t-shirts in military green with black print that are gonna look SO TOUGH!  

We're kind of CrossFit Historians so here is one of the best throwback videos from the early days at the o.g. CrossFit Santa Cruz! These ladies learned muscle ups that very day. Nicole Carrol is now the Director of training at CrossFit HQ and Annie Sakamoto is still competing at an elite level as a master's competitor. https://youtu.be/i0nPnElcqgU


for time

Row 40 calries

then 4 rounds of

5 Candlestick Burpee- Burpees

15 Wall Ball Shots 20/14

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