Week 3!!!

Still figuring out this whole protein thing?! Don't worry. It's like double unders- they can be a pain to figure out, but once it clicks, it makes life a whole lot easier! So- now that you have figured out the amount of protein you need to eat, we're going to dial in your carbs for week three of HCF Lifestyle Academy. There are 5 points available each day next week:

1) Show your coach

2) Record food

3) Record amount

4) Hit your protein

5) Hit your carbs

Not so fast now- I did not just give you a free pass to the candy store. You need to hit your carbs, but you must not exceed them by more than 5g.   

More details in tomorrow nights blog. Find a new partner, and ask questions if you need help with your tracking! 



Wear your double underpants, I mean, double under pants. Please don't wear two pairs of underpants, I mean, unless you need to!  

And your HSPU pants. Wear those too- hopefully they're the same pair. 

Ladies- you're welcome for the heads up. 👊🏻 

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