September 1, 2016


22 Minute AMRAP

5 Strict Pull-ups (pull-up chin-up or mixed) 

10 Burpees

15 Ab-Mat Sit Ups

You've likely seen a lot of new faces in the gym this week with several more to come in the following weeks! As an athlete at HCF, you have so far have helped shape our community. Whenever Mac and I give gym tours and explain what we have here, we rave about you guys and you have a cool opportunity to pass along the hospitality that you love at HCF. Here are some things to consider. 

We always coach the warm-up and we at least explain it in detail if we don't show and break down every movemement. If there are green athletes in class, don't work ahead unless the coach says it's ok. Let's say the board says a certain movement and you're done, but coach needs to spend a little more time with an athlete. Rather than working ahead, or loading your bar for the workout, spend some more time perfecting the skill that coach is trying to teach. Or use your knowledge to help out a fellow athlete. 

Some workout modes can be confusing. We've all misread or misheard the workout explanation, so please pay attention to the workout description. Trust that there will be enough time to socialize after or while you're setting up the workout. There will always be plenty of time for everyone to load their bars or gather their equipment so please wait until after the description to do your final loading.

After the workout, especially after task priority workouts, your encouragement is awesome for these beginner athletes. If class looks like it may run long because someone is struggling to finish rounds for time, coach might say "hey if you gotta leave, go ahead and put your bar away," but otherwise hang out and cheer them home as much as you are compelled to. There is usually plenty of time to clean up and it's a great bonding experience when everyone clears the floor together. 

The community is the lifeblood of HCF and you guys have done an awesome job to shape the culture that we have. Our challenge as we grow is to battle against those things that people complain about at larger CF gyms, cliques, egos, unhealthy competition, and apathy towards one another. Mac and I are so blessed to have each of you in our lives and we're confident that you can continue to create a positive community even in our growth!

Devin JonesComment