You guessed it... Sleep

You guys have worked so hard the past 5 weeks on dialing in your nutrition and it is paying off! We've seen so many of you reach longtime goals as well as smashing PRs. Now it's time to cement those good habits.  Here's what we want you to do for your final week: Sleep. 8 hours of bed time. Preferably sleep, but manditorily in bed for 8 hours. 

For those of you who just scoffed at me. I'm with you- 8 hours?! My day ends late and starts early! But I can survive on 4 and feel fine with 6!   That doesn't cut it, we're not about helping you feel fine, we want you to feel fantastic and fit. This is a challenge and we want it to be challenging. 8 points up for grabs each day! 

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//Once through for time: 

Run 1k

60 KBS

Run 1k


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