10.11.17// Run-Row...Far


For Time

Row 5k

Run 5k


Run 10k

Scaled Option

30 minutes to Run, walk, crawl, move under your own power for 2 miles. Rest whatever time is left.

Then row as far as possible in 20 minutes. 



“They’re joking right? &? That’s a lot of k’s...”  

On Monday ya’ll did 280 reps dedicated to your triceps! The last time I did even 5 tricep extensions with a dumbbell was probably 10 years ago. The only thing missing was a mirror, headphones, and not knowing anyone else’s name. Took me straight back to the globo-gym days. Monday was awesome. Tomorrow’s cardio respiratory test is no different. You can’t tell me that you’ve never posted up on the elliptical or sit-down bike and settled in for a 50 minute slow-pace sweat off!  The only difference now is that you can’t watch two episodes of Rachael Ray on a cute little TV connected to the treadmill. Like a hundred people  a day put in an hour+ on a cardio machine every day at World’s and Anytime, so don’t call me crazy for programming 10k once in three years! Constantly varied is a cornerstone of CrossFit and this is certainly constantly varied for you guys.

How often do you look at the board and think, “there’s no effing way!” But then it’s over and you did something you didn’t think you could do! Tomorrow is just the same. You’ll finish and celebrate with yourself, “Well that kind of sucked, but Hell Yah! I did it!”  

So here is your game. We hit 50 minutes rarely, Murph, Holleyman, and not much else. If you’re doing the scaled option, it’s nothing to be ashamed of or to avoid. You can surely travel two miles in 50 minutes! Let’s say the run walk takes you longer than 30 minutes. You can just hop on the rower without the rest you would have gotten had you traveled faster. 

If you’re doing the Rx version and starting with the row here is some food for thought. Jerin, Matt, Rick, Chris, and myself can hold about a 1:45 pace really comfortably through 500m. Holding that pace into 1k is also doable but gets uncomfortable. Holding that pace at the end of 2k is a darker place than you would like to be with 3k still to go on the row and another 5k left to run. So let’s say I start the row comfortably at 1:45 and try to hang on too long. After 2k, my 1:45 “comfortable pace” becomes a lot slower, maybe even as slow as 2:30(slow for me). It would be wiser for me to start at a uncomfortably slow 2:05 or 2:10 pace. I’ll maintain it longer through the 3rd/4th of the row and can hang on through the end dropping off maybe a little bit not as slow as if I had started faster. Then you’re going to run! 

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