11617// Training leading up to the competition

Heavy Day//

Bench Press 1rm

3x15 Rollback Extension

3x15 Front Raise

3x15 Heavy Bent Over Row

1x2:00 Banded Pull-Apart

1x150 Banded Lat Press Back

With the programming leading up to a competition we try to do a couple of things. We try not to beat up the competitors as much as usual while also not disrupting what should be the normal programming for the week. We also try to give your hands a chance to heal or stay healthy and in tact. We can only do so much with the programming though, you as the athlete need to be wise this week. 

You certainly don't need to take an extended leave or even go any easier in the WODs. When you're here, work hard as usual. If you're freaked out about the pull-ups or muscle-ups scheduled in the comp, sure you can practice but be smart about it. DO NOT TEAR YOUR HANDS!!! Personally, my hands heal from tears pretty quickly, so I could tear on Wednesday at the latest to still be good on Saturday, BUT I don't tear that bad when I do, and I don't have a job or life that would keep me from healing as fast as I do. Practice your bar hanging skills sparingly and don't be upset if you don't have A+ movement by Saturday. B- movement with healthy hands, beats an A+ with torn hands!

Do you splurge on extra-curricular care? Chiro, Massage, Chryo? An adjustment from the Chiro can take time to recover from so get it done earlier than later this week. Give yourself a day to recover from a massage. You can hold off on Chryotherapy or cold stuff until the day before. 

Take Friday off for sure. I feel really really strong and fast and excited to train after two days off. Three days off and I've already settled into sedentary life. You're going to work out 3-5 times on Saturday, you're not going to loose all of your fitness if you take one or two days off. They should be true rest days. Eat normal, stay hydrated, sleep well, take a brisk walk or two.

Tomorrow I'll talk about warming up during the competition, Wednesday will be about food, but you can also look back to the post from 9.18.17 to read about eating on comp day. Let me know what you're curious to know about competing otherwise for Thursday's blog, and Friday will be all about mentality and game plan!

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