121117// THE FROM!!!

Heavy Day// 

A. 12:00 to find your heaviest of the complex  

1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean

B. 10:00 EMOM of the same complex @%75

2x20 Straight Leg Sumo Deadlift

2x20 Dimel Deadlift

accumulate 100 Landmine twists

1x100 AbMat Sit Up

Whenever I’m bragging about the gym and the types of people we train I make sure to include the fact that we have a famous Opera singer who is influential enough to have done a Ted Talk. I always love to listen to her insight on life so here’s a little Monday inspiration from a guest blogger, Rebecca aka The From! 

Why you might need a CF Handle.

Back when I was singing in Europe, my Mom tried to tell me everyone is vulnerable. Everyone’s scared. Everyone is weak and fragile. I don’t remember exactly why she was telling me this. It was probably when I didn’t get an audition, or maybe it was when I was freaking out because I’m not “only” a singer—when I was understanding I also really love to teach. It could have been when I wasn’t yet ready to leave one dream behind for another one. It could have been anything, really, that caused the sadness and discomfort—I just knew I didn’t like the feeling.

So, when my Mom told me this “crap” about everyone being vulnerable, I thought “Nope. Not me. I’m gonna figure this stuff out. I’m going to kill the Vulnerability Monster. I’m going to somehow understand life at a level where I can be immune to this discomfort.”

One of the things I love about CF is that it’s like my whole life, encapsulated in one hour a day. I show up, and a part of me wants to hide in a corner. A part of me wants to cry. A part of me thinks I’m going to die, like right now. A part of me can’t handle talking to anyone (its 5 or 6am, for crying out loud.) A part of me thinks I will never improve. That I don’t belong here. That I’m a fraud...a joke...too old...a loser.  And the list can go on forever.

There is also another part of me, the part in tune with what one of my teachers called “The It.” I call it God, Life, and Love. It’s the part of me the keeps showing up every day, that’s called toward health and wholeness and integrity, safety and community.  It’s the part of me that calls me to be the best me I can be, whether in singing, CF, taking care of family...or anything.

Every day can be a dance between these two sides of me.  In singing, we talk about needing a balance of light and dark. When singing is both light and dark, it is the most beautiful. The two sides of me are like the light and dark in my CF experience—and in life.

One day, I realized I needed a third side of me. I needed a character I could call on who knew all the dance steps between the Monster and Love. I needed someone I could throw into the ring when those two are fighting over who is Most Fierce. I needed someone who could get my crazy dark and crazy light  to work together. This side of me is “The FROM.”

I learned I couldn’t totally kill the Monster because yes, my Mom is right. I’m vulnerable. Sometimes I hit bottom. Just like everyone. FROM knows how to tame the Monster. She also knows how to move forward in the dark. She’s basically badass. She saves me maybe every day from the other sides of me. She keeps me balanced, my feet on the ground and my heart tuned to heaven. She’s the “Me” I want to be. She can handle just about anything. So she’s the one who shows up at Harvest CF. And if she’s reluctant to appear some days, I just call. Her. Out.

If you want and need your own version of this crazy, go for it. Find your own CF handle. The FROM is actually a name someone called me in Music Conservatory to make fun of me. If he could only see me now.

Or maybe you’ll have a handle that has nothing to do with this stuff. Or maybe you’re just awesome with your own name.

I just know I’m grateful for you all, and the chance I get to live this CF life with you. I know I’ve been vulnerable with you all here, and it’s scary. But The FROM? She can handle it ;-).

There you go, Sandy. :) That’s “what’s up” with my crazy handle.  And if anyone wants to know, Rebecca Fromherz is my “other” name.  Over n Out, From the Heart.

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