Week of 2.13-2.17

Heavy day// 

Bench Press

3-3-3-3-3 @ increasing loads


0:00-2:00-complete 1 round of "Cindy" 

2:00-5:00- 2 rounds of "Cindy" 

5:00-9:00- 3 rounds

9:00-14:00- 4 rounds

...Continue adding 1 minute to the available work time and 1 round of 'Cindy' until you're unable to complete the work in the allotted work time.



7 rounds for time

Run 114m

14 split jumps  

8 Toes to Bar



With a partner- AMRAP row or ski Calories

switch on the machine after

5 Dumbell shoulder to overhead

10 Dumbell Deadlift

15 Box Jump

Men use 30# and 24" box

Women use 20# and 20" box



"Dianne" look it up! 



























these are the Wods for the week, not necessarily in this order

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