9.13.17// Hunger Pangs



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Rarely do we eat when we are actually physically hungry. The most common reason for eating, is out of habit (not necessarily from hunger). Food fits into our schedule here and there, so that's when we eat whether or not we really need to. That's not bad at all, and actually sticking to a regular eating schedule can help keep us from overeating. Eating because it's time to eat is almost always ok. Eating because you're bored, or sad though, is a problem I'll blog about later. Another time you should eat is when you feel the actual physical discomfort of hunger or what we refer to as Hunger Pangs. You just know what it is naturally. If you eat a breakfast of simple carbs (think cereal/toast/bagel/scone etc) you will inevitably experience the hunger pangs by 10:30 or 11:00 am and that final hour before lunch is just torture!

Eating to quench your pangs is good! Binging because you think you're actually starving is not. Here's what to do. 

When you feel that painful void in your gut, call it out reasonably. "Oh man! I'm really hungry. I even kind of hurt." If you take a moment and sit with that discomfort and remind yourself that you're an adult in America and can afford a snack at just about any time you please, you're less likely to turn into the hulk on your kid's bag of cheesy fish. You are just hungry not starving! Good to know because now you can just wait a little while until a healthy option is available (sounds so easy...) Once you find the food you plan to squash those hunger pangs with, now know that really any amount of calories will satisfy the pangs if you eat slowly. 

Please don't read this as- hunger is bad, but food is bad too. This is not some bio-hack to make starving easier, it's simply a reminder that if eaten slowly, some veggies, protein, and some healthy carbs will fix your hunger pangs just as well as (if not better than) crushing a McDouble or one of those Costco muffins that inevitably show up in the break room.

Wait it out- Find a healthy option- Eat it slowly! 

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