Bonus Blog// Should I compete?


Anytime we come back from a competition, I hear from at least 5 of you, "I'd like to do that some day." Many of those people do end up signing up for their first competition on the next go around.   

Should I compete? Have you ever watched a competition or the CrossFit Games or even just the CrossFit Open and thought, "hmm that looks fun, or cool, or badass." If you have thought something like that and even if for only one fleeting moment then you really should give it a shot!

Most people don't realize this, but The Northwest Fit Games is a pretty special organization. Other places in America don't have companies like that. NW Fit Games draws on competition from all over Oregon and Washington. If you lived in some other state, your competitive options would be limited to small box-lead comps (which are still very fun). If your coach is in the know or on good terms with the hosting box, they might get invited and even then, your coach might not even want to share the opportunity with you.  We're basically spoiled to have such an awesome event company right next door to us! You'll see everything from Regional level athletes to beginners in the new Novice division.

Afraid of looking foolish or coming in last? Two things, 1. fork over the cash to compete and now you have some financial investment in getting better as fast as possible so you don't look quite as foolish. 2. But in all reality though, you're an adult and shouldn't care what other people think.  At least that's what you tell your kids to think right?... follow your own advice. As a competitior I'm worried about my team and beating the people I want to compete with. A lot fewer people are paying attention to you than you think.

Afraid that you're not ready? That's fine because you're not ready! You weren't "fit enough" for CrosFit when you started, what makes you think there's a "fit enough" to do a competition? 

Choose a fun team and you won't regret the experience!

Should you do Rx? Scaled? Novice? Look. If you can do a muscle up, quit messing around with the scaled division. I don't care if you can't do Double unders, learn Double Unders. I have to roll my eyes when I see someone on the scaled podium who can see all of their abs.  The Scaled and Novice divisions are awesome and for truly scaled athletes. It's not as fun for those guys when someone in the scaled division squat cleans 280lbs. I for example am probably really only just as fit as the best scaled competitors, and probably not even as fit as people who regularly win the scaled division, but I can do all the stuff. I have no excuse to go scaled even when there are obviously fitter people in the scaled division.

The next comp coming up is The Gobbler Gauntlet on November 11. The price goes up tomorrow night so get on the phone, get a team together and get signed up.

After Gobbler Gauntlet, we have another cool opportunity on November 18 at Chalbox Training for an all scaled competition!  that little comp is going to be a blast!

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