21318 On Recovery


20:00 AMRAP

4 Ring Muscle Up

25 Air Squats

4 Bar Muscle Up

25 AbMat Sit Ups

Does your week look like this?

Monday- BOOM! CrossFit! Lets Go! Love it!

Tuesday- Ok, that was tough, little sore, but I'm still loving it!

Wednesday- Ouch, ok really feelin' it. I can scale today right?

Thursday- I hate CrossFit

Friday- Devin, you're a piece of $&%*#

There is a way to train hard day in and day out and not feel all of the physical effects of high intensity training nor the emotional or mental effects of constant punishment. Do steroids.

But seriously, it is very possible to get to the end of the week and not feel like a truck ran you over.

I think the easiest and most practical thing you can do is eat enough. We can all try to eat cleaner, but ‘cleaner’ doesn't replace ‘enough’. Think about this too, during the week, look at how you eat. Portions in check, no sugar or beer, coffee is black or water only, and getting in some healthy veg! I skipped dinner- Go Me! Friday, Saturday- national pizza day, pancakes with the kids Saturday morn- no wonder you feel so good on Monday Morning! My hope is that you would just eat much more healthy foods in general so I wouldn’t need to suggest this, but what if your cheat night was Wednesday so you’re fueled to train Thursday and Friday? How often do you hit the junk pretty hard Friday only to move very little and relax on the weekend? Eat like a rabbit to do really hard exercise, but then eat whatever you please only to sit and watch kids sports. Doesn’t add up.

Along with eating more, sleeping more is the other pillar of recovery. I don’t know what that would look like in your busy and kid filled life. You gotta find a way though. Create a routine that tells your body it’s time to turn down. Light reading, a bath, going to bed and just lying still even if you’re not quite ready to sleep. Any sort of consistent routine improves the quality of your sleep and recovery.  

Us coaches will ask how you’re feeling to kind of get a read on what to expect from you. Something’s bothering you, and I’m immediately considering how I’m going to have you scale or what I’m going to watch for in your movement. If you’re just feeling tired or uninspired though, there’s not a stretch or cool foam rolling trick to fix your energy or attitude or ambition. Eat a potato and go to bed!

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