2618 Gotta eat ya'll!


For Time

25 Wall Ball Shots

25 Push Ups

50 Double Unders

20 Wall Ball Shots

20 Push Ups

40 Double Unders

15 Wall Ball Shots

15 Push Ups

30 Double Unders

10 Wall Ball Shots

10 Push Ups

20 Double Unders

5 Wall Ball Shots

5 Push Ups

10 Double Unders

So you wanted to loose weight. Maybe you felt like you weren't as healthy as you could be. Man, those CrossFitters look really good. Your doc said, "hey if you don't reel it in, you're going to get diabetes." or "hey if you don't like all these meds, something's gotta give." You chose CrossFit to make you look better or feel better or be better. Chances are though that at that time, your less than clean diet was already pretty low calorie. Your busy, but sedentary job required not many calories at all. Lets say you already were eating 2k calories a day, (it was likely less, but lets just use 2k as an arbitrary number). Then you start CrossFit and Devin and MacLarin are telling you to eat whole and minimally processed foods. So now you're eating just as much as before, but now it's much cleaner, ok awesome. But now your life and training requires probably closer to 3k calories to be healthy and train hard, and now those cleaner foods are naturally lower in calories. You're a CrossFitter and you need more food to sustain this life, and eating cleaner has lowered your much needed fuel. Does that add up? You gotta eat, people! If your food quality is on, now you need to up the volume. Who likes to eat more? I do!

Check it out, here are some indicators that you could use more food, and likely starchy carbs in particular.

- Trouble Sleeping "I'm tired but my body aches." "I'm tired but my mind keeps racing."

- Skipping or cherry-picking workouts

- Not being excited to train

- Mood swings

- Lowered sex drive

- Lowered appetite

- Depression outside understandable life circumstances

- Lowered social ambition 

The major takeaway though is that this type of training is very demanding and you need to fuel it. Look at the list. If your diet is making you irritable, ruining your sleep, training or sex, is it really worth it?  Eat more healthy starchy carbs and you'll want to train, you'll sleep better, be nicer to your wife etc.  


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