32918 Enjoy the Journey


Four 3:00 Rounds with 1:00 rest in between

Run 1/2 lap

7 Burpee Box Jump Over

AMRAP Wall Balls 20/14

There are a lot of valid and important goals. For life and probably fitness, we have a destination in mind. As a CrossFitter, you are the type of person who probably has goals. I'm not a goal pusher. It's a common practice for people in fitness though to tell you that if you don't have clear, measurable, attainable goals, you're going to die a miserable and painful death full of loneliness and cellulite. Goals are great, but you run the risk of confusing outcomes and behaviors. An outcome is something like, loose 15lbs or squat 300. You can want those things, but you can't really control them. Meaning, you could do everything right, and not loose 15lbs, or loose 15lbs in-spite of doing everything wrong. You could play your hardest and still loose, or totally not care about your performance and still win by a landslide. Those things don't often happen, but they happen. 

No matter your goal, your ultimate motivation, there is a process to achieve that goal. This is the best thing anyone can do for any goal: Make that process your motivation. To see the scale move 15lbs should take 15 weeks and if you don't enjoy and love the process, those 15 weeks are miserable. If you learn to enjoy exercise and love CrossFitting for the sake of CrossFit and not because you want to loose 15lbs, Where did 15 weeks go? If you learn to love eating mostly whole foods in the correct proportions, that's where consistency and compliance thrive! Do you see how the end goal can cause you to miss the best part? The Journey! 

I think if you're paying to train here and you show up regularly, you deserve results. The irony is that the people who see the most results aren't driven by seeing that progress, they're addicted to the process. They CrossFit because they love it, and not only to reach their destination. 

Devin JonesComment