Workout Fueling

Heavy Day//

1 Rep Max Strict Press

1 Rep Max Push Press

 “When do I eat?” I’m asked that all the time. I have like an iron gut and so I’ve not had a great answer. I can really get away with eating as close to my workout as right before. Like I said though, I’ve just gotten away with it, it’s not optimal. This week give this a try//

90 minutes to two hours before training, (not later or sooner) eat a meal of carb and protein without any added fats. Added fats would be like avocado or nuts or oils. The added fat will slow digestion and that food will sit in your stomach and battle you during your workout. Yuck! Naturally occurring fats from lean meat or eggs aren’t going to slow things down as much as the added fats though so don’t worry about those. Here’s some examples of productive pre-wod-meals - Oatmeal and a protein shake. Chicken and rice. Quinoa A whole egg and egg whites. Not hip to the whole grains? Replace any of those with apples or bananas. This low-fat meal will give you the fuel and an empty your stomach for comfortable training! Full muscles+ empty stomach= Great workout as well as an apetite to eat afterwards.

Our workouts are high stress. Carbs help you down regulate, so right after training, hit that protein shake with some faster carbs. Your fit-aid, coconut water etc. 

Later on, an hour after training, now you can re-focus on a well balanced meal with healthy protein carb and fats. Colorful plate, foods you think of when you’re trying to live to be 100!

”ok but I workout in the morning, i’m not going to wake up at 3am to eat.” If you train in the morning, I would recommend eating as close to bed as possible. Sleeping isn’t a particularly glycolytic activity so that glycogen is going to be stored up and ready to rock in the morning. The notion that carbs before bed are bad is right there with, It’s dangerous to squat below parallel or the earth is flat. Yes a bag of Oreos before bed is bad, a bag of Oreos for breakfast is also bad. A pre-bed meal could also take the place of a pre-bed snack attack if you’re prone to those.

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