42318 I.M.F.


10:00 AMRAP

1 Run Light Post Half Lap

30 Air Squats

100ft Bear Crawl

Rx+ Wear a 20/14 vest

*Please only use weight vests that don’t have a name on them, unless you’ve asked the person whose name is on the vest. Make sure to wipe down your vest and lay it out to dry when you’re finished.  This WOD will be very challenging without a vest. Vests are first come first serve.


I.ndividal M.obility F.ocus//

After the WOD tomorrow, we will have 10:00 dedicated to your personal mobility restrictions. It is the expectation that you do a little research on the best ways to mobilize the areas of your body that will best help you increase your performance. Do you have trouble getting into a deep squat? That’s where you need to spend more time. Can’t comfortably support a load overhead? Let’s address that specifically.

Everyone has their own limited-range-areas that could use some extra love so nobody is off the hook! 

You can expect to see this more often and we’use the acronym IMF. 

Resources: YouTube or google “_______ (body part) mobility” “mobility wod” “stretches for _____” “foam rolling for _____”


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