51618 When you don’t like the wod...

Heavy Day// 

Front Squat


It is a Wednesday evening and you’re discussing with your swole mate how the wod went today. “Hmm what is on for tomorrow?” [pulls up the HCF blog] “Oh no! It says Run 10k, 500lb deadlifts and 200 burpees!” (Don’t worry we probably won’t ever program that...probably)

What makes your heart sink when you see it in the blog or on the whiteboard? Something with a run? Something where the Rx weight is over or near your max? Something longer than 20 minutes? Something shorter than 5?  

We all have at least a small illogical voice telling us whether or not a workout will suck. Illogical?! Yes, illogical because while you’re deciding whether or not a workout will be hard or not, you’re skipping a fundamental idea. Every workout is hard! If you’ve convinced yourself a wod is going to be hard, you’re right. But can you see how you might be going into the workout feeling defeated? After however long you’ve been training you should be approaching every effort as though it’s going to be hard, and then you can celebrate being a person who takes on tough challenges. I think we’d all like to do that!

And then on the flip side, if you convince yourself a workout will be easy, you’re wrong again. It’s supposed to be hard right? If you have a favorite wod, it needs to be your most painful one as well. Then you can celebrate being a person who challenges themselves to get better at even simple tasks.  Also something we all wish for ourselves!


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