For Time

Run 1 mile with a Med Ball  

60 Burpee Pull-Ups

Run 1k With a Med Ball

30 Burpee Pull-Ups

Run 500m with a med ball  

15 Burpee Pull-Ups


Check it out! There are lots of scaling options for this WOD and they’ll be on the board, but I’ll put them here so you can start thinking of how you want to do it or find a partner etc. (you don’t need to set up a partner beforehand btw, but you can) 

- Half Gallant Solo// Run 1k/500m/Half Lap, half of the reps

- Partner Gallant// Both people run but share a med ball- split the reps anyway

- Rowing Gallant with a partner// Row 800m each/ 500m/ 300 m while one partner holds a 50# med ball- share the reps

- Rowing Gallant Solo// Row 1600m/1k/500m

- Half Rowing Gallant Solo// Row 1k/500m/300m, half reps



5am, 6am adults and teens, 8:30am adults and teens, 9:30am Kids (no 5pm kid’s class), noon, 3pm, 4pm

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