71018 All about Rx


For Time

100 Double Unders

6 Rounds of

10 American Kettlebell swing 53/35

10 Toes to Bar

100 Double Unders

Rx or "as prescribed" means that the workout was completed as it was written on the board without any special scaling. The loads are followed and the movement standards are met. Here is a list of things about Rx

1. It's not as important as the correct stimulus. Taking 10:00 to do Grace at 135/95 is technically Rx, but Grace should take 2:00-4:00. We program a desired stimulus so plan accordingly.

2. If you care enough about the little Rx to say "I did it Rx" at the end of a WOD, then you should care enough to really make sure you met the movement standards. ie. Wall ball hit the right spot on or above the line. Toes actually touched the bar. 

3. Some people should be working for an Rx while others should scale more often. This isn't always true, but typically our female athletes are a bit too cautious and scale too heavily, while many of our men would get a better workout if they scaled more often. Compare your scores at the end of the day. If you smashed the whole gym with your scaled score, it's time to challenge yourself more. If you're the guy or gal with an Rx score significantly lower or slower than the next athlete in front of you, you'd likely hit the correct stimulus with some wise scaling. 

4. It's not the end of the world if you don't get an Rx. This is a journey and sometimes we just program really freaking hard WODs that most of the gym will have to scale. There are 7 billion people minus about 4 who don't care about your Rx.

5. You won't crap your pants and die if you use the prescribed weight. Somehow some of you no matter what weight we write on the board, you use a lighter one by default. If we wrote 0/0, you'd figure out a way to use less than that. 

This concept of Rx never existed before CrossFit. And before CrossFit, none of you ever considered competitive exercise save running, golf or cycling as an adult. You should be working towards the desired stimulus and your coaches are great resources to help you achieve that stimulus. 

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