Monday// Comfort is a Villian

For Time

Row 1k


Burpees & Thrusters 135/95

& Say farewell to Mac before she leaves for Indo! 


Tuesday// GymNasty drills make you strong

30:00 EMOM

A. 5 Deficit Handstand Push Up

B. 5 Strict Ring Pull-Up

C. 10 Alternating Pistols


Wednesday// Heavy Day

Full Snatch Balance (Dip/Drive + Footwork)



Thursday//  Friends Make Fun!

16:00 With a Partner

1:00 12 KB Clean and Press +Hold to finish the minute 53/35 (6 per arm)

1:00 Rowing Calories

Switch roles each Minute

Come watch the CrossFit Open week 1 announcement at 5pm!!! 


Friday// 19.1!




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