6 Reasons to Try Harvest CrossFit for a week!


1. We aren't pulling any punches! The trial week isn't some watered down version of kind of what to expect. You're getting the real CrossFit, not "somethin' kinda like CrossFit."

2. Everybody is new to this! Since we're the first CrossFit in town, everyone in class will be just as new as everybody else. Even the best conditioned athletes are humbled by CrossFit. 

3. We're really nice! No question is too dumb, and we really take the time to make sure everyone is coached and moving well. 

4. Help us write the schedule! For the trial week, we're holding evening classes, but starting on the 18th, we'll have an early morning class and possibly a mid morning class. Tell us your schedule so we can write ours! 

5. You have nothing to lose! For our trial week, if you don't have an awesome time, learn something new, or get a great workout, we'll give you a full refund!

6. The temperature today should reach 97-99, not in the gym though!!!!

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Devin Jones1 Comment