Tuesday 10.14.14// But is it Beneficial?

As we are nearing the half-way point, some of you may be really wanting some cheesy bread right about now. But no, you are determined to get all 5 food points! So instead, you bake yourself up some "Paleo" cookies, and then eat the whole sheet. Now, I'm not trying to call you out here because it was in fact Devin and I who did this just yesterday! The nugget of knowledge I want to share with you today is that in life there are lots of things that are permissible for us, however not all of them are also beneficial. Same goes for the food that we eat. Just because you are allowed almond flour, coconut flour, and 2Tbsp of maple syrup this month, does not mean that they are always beneficial and aiding in your journey toward fitness. Those flours are potent with energy and if you're still in the game to lean out a bit, you must know that the scale won't change much if these become your October vice. 

Having said that, if you need a little sweet treat and promise to show some self control, we have a bomb recipe for a simple cookie. ;)

Tuesday's Workout

BWC 4 Rounds NOT Timed

30" HSHold

10 Ring Dips

Met Con


Air Squats//Push Ups// Box Jumps// Sit Ups// and another movement TBA?????


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