Friday Already? 10.14.14 Workout// November RRFP//its a new program @ Harvest


Hang Snatch 1:30 EMOM 12 minutes=8 sets



Main Site!


Toes 2 Bar // Snatch (115/75)



Won't be burpees

Could be jogging (yogging- it's a soft 'J')

Might even be Curls for the Girls!

Break Dancing develops just about every Fitness Domain so who knows...

November we're introducing a Class specifically for out-of-season competitive athletes.

A. It is non-exclusive, if you missed your typical class time and 4:15pm works great, come train then, it's open to all, but not ideal for a first time class.

B. It's called Harvest RRFP. Robust Resilient Fast & Powerful! Why? These are the attributes that we believe to be essential for competitive athletes in any sport.

C. How is it different? Well it's still CrossFit, but for RRFP We're adding an extra 15 minutes for additional mobility or accessory work. You've probably noticed that in our constantly varied programming, things like Bodyweight Conditioning and Barbell Gymnastics are interchanged day to day. In RRFP we want to do both, daily and have time to include agility drills and extra stretching.

D. Why? We've heard demand for such a program from people around Dallas and want to fill the need before someone else does. You care a lot about the Competitive Athlete in your family and you want them working in the best program possible.


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