Tuesday 10.28.14//Somebody's got a case of the Mundays :/


4 rounds not timed 

30 Second HS Hold

10 Scapula pullups


10 Minute EMOM

*every skill level*

Hang Squat Clean+Hang Squat Clean and Jerk+Clean and Jerk from the floor


10 Minute EMOM

*Complex will vary based on skill level*

Hang Power Snatch overhead squat+ 1 Hang Power Snatch and ride into overhead squat+ 1 Hang squat snatch 

"I partied hard this weekend...We spent all weekend in the car...The kids had a lot going on this weekend...I Just needed an extra day... so monday morning training doesn't work for me..."

We all have a lot of reasons for not wanting to train on Monday. Some are just excuses, some are legitimate, but I'm not one to judge so rather than picking apart every possible excuse, here is a list of reasons why you need to train on monday's no matter how hard the weekend was!

1. Let's face it. Monday's suck!//

We all know it! You feel terrific when you leave the gym! And a lot of you have been saying that rest days make you anxious(another blog post for another time). Don't start your week off as an anxious hot mess. Get in, get better, kill your monday!

2. You're a leader// Your energy is contagious

CrossFit is an exercise program, it's an athletic commitment, it's a lifestyle, but have you also noticed that it's a personality? If you're training at Harvest, you're likely a leader in your family, at your job, and in your social circle. We didn't make you that way, you're just the type of person with the fortitude to train this way. Chances are that your family, colleagues, and friends are feeding off of your attitude and when  you're on point, they are too. When you start the week right, everyone benefits.

3. No matter how hard you partied//Training will shake the dust

The Monday lull comes from late night weekends. Cheat meals. Long car rides. Some athletes find renewal in people and social events, while some athletes find renewal in solitude. If you're a social butterfly who spent the weekend in solitude, you're lonely weekend put you in a depressed fog. If you're the lone wolf and spent the weekend entertaining house guests, you need a break from your break. Either way, get into the gym and crack the seal. See some happy familiar faces OR put your head down and grind!

4. The hardest part is showing up//no one ever regrets a trip to the gym...well at least at Harvest

I shouldn't have to remind you, all you need to do is show up. We coach you and tell you what you need to do. Once you start moving, sweating, breathing hard, or thinking about a technical lift, who even cares what day it is. After 3...2...1... you don't even remember your own name, let alone that it's Monday!


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