HOW TO EAT! Part 1 of a lifelong saga

I AM NOT A SCIENTICIAN, but I have lost 100#

My best friend in high school //Henri// used to say, "Devin, most people eat to live, but I live to eat!" He was the OG foodie and now owns a wine shop in Seattle. I don't blame anyone but myself, and the government, for me growing up obese, but I did champion the attitude that life is too short to eat healthy.

When the cute-little-thang //MacLarin// gracefully interrupted my life, she said things like, 'Devin, I eat for fuel'

Fuel vs Pleasure?

I'm a human Duhh & Pleasure wins ********** I'm an athlete Duhh & Fuel wins. 

MacLarin was personal training people at a small gym, and she was working with the now Head Coach //and son of a top level Masters CrossFit Games Athlete// of Ellensburg CrossFit. 'Yah he eats like a lot of saturated fat and meat and stuff' MacLarin would say scratching her head, it must be because he works out so much. 


I worked out at ECF for like 3 weeks before anyone explained the Paleo diet and how much bacon you can eat. For the first 3 weeks, I ate what I thought was healthy //low fat, whole grains, and pure FDA, AHA bullshit//. Once I started to dabble in Paleo, my fitness took off and I've never gone back.


Eating Healthy is expensive //FALSE// Eating strict Paleo requires unnecessary sacrifice and resources //TRUE//. Strict Paleo would mean finding perfectly natural food sources and you would literally have to return to hunting and gathering for every meal. Ellensburg WA isn't hip to the Paleo movement, so things like grass fed/free range/ meats are hard to come by. I recommend simply following the principles and spirit of eating Paleo.

The important part of Paleo is keeping inflammation to a minimum and controlling our hormones. This is what's most important:

1. No Grains or Sugar. when your friend says, 'oh well whole grains are ok' they're not...and your friend might be getting paid by the Government \\don't trust them\\ //Corn and wheat are subsidized and the machine will never tell you the truth about their impact on your health//

To be continued...


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