Why The Face is CrossFit? part 1

//Why the face??//

In no particular order, CrossFit is //oh and this has all been organized like you're taking notes in Oregon State History class//

A.  Functional Movements-

                a. They're safe because your body was made to do them. They're important because you need to be able to do them into old age. They're awesome because they're fun. Pushing Pulling and Squatting.

                          1. Applying force to something, picking up your kids or yourself off the floor, sitting down on the toilet. //ugh what is for lunch??//

B. Constantly Varied

               1. Athletes fail at the margin of their experience. Preparing for the unknown and unknowable. Workouts are and should be different with the exception of certain benchmarks to test for improvement.

                             a. CrossFit is really fun and always intriguing. Out lift a runner, out run a lifter! //ugh it better be better than this lecture, eye-roll-selfy//

C. High Intensity

             1. Intensity is the variable that delivers the best stimulus for increasing our fitness. Fitness is Work Capacity. Work Capacity is Power. Power= (ForcexDistance)/Time. //eww math? mr. jones, you suck// Workouts are timed, scored, or both. So at the end of any workout, you have measured your actual power output and can tell definitively if you've improved. 

                          a. relative intensity, moving as fast as possible with correct form. If you're moving nicely- speed up. If you're struggling- slow down, but keep moving. //mr. jones, can we be done yet?//

Any questions?

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