10 Things to expect at Harvest CrossFit// There's more things than 10, but my attention spa...

1. You'll surprise yourself.

//Sometimes you'll look at the board and think...'There's no way' ... but then you'll get it and be like 'Hell Yah! Go me!'// We really like 'Hell Yah! Go me!'//

2. You can't fall through the cracks.

"can I just stand back here and do my own thing?" "of course, so long as 'do my own thing' means 1. be friends with Devin and MacLarin 2. try your hardest 3. be nice to people. Then do what you gotta do Brother'!"

3. Devin will say something that makes MacLarin roll her eyes.

They're best buds, but Devin thinks he's funny///and they're married so eye rolls are like crack to Devin. \\Devin has never done crack, it's just a figure of speech\\

4. 3 new sports will pop up on your list of 'whats your favorite sports?' list

'What's your favorite sports?' 'Oh you know the usuals like curling and badminton, but now I'm kind of getting into 1. Olympic Weightlifting 2. Gymnastics and 3. CrossFit'

5. MacLarin will do a handstand

6. You'll meet a new friend.

//Friends is a core value at Harvest CrossFit// So no one told you life was gonna be this waayy.// If you just clapped, 10 Points! CrossFit gets a bad rap for being a little Culty, which, we totally understand, and our response is... "ok yah, it's pretty Culty, I mean it's not not Culty, whatever just come work out!"

7. Nobody at Harvest CrossFit will tell you to stop talking about CrossFit.

8. You'll have fun!

9. Even if you started Harvest CrossFit to look better, you'll be excited about moving better.

10. MacLarin will teach you how to do a handstand.