Lets get a bit deeper into what exactly is CrossFit

Most people join a CrossFit gym for the crazy heart-pounding and intense workouts known as metabolic conditioning, and while they look similar to HIIT training (high intensity intervals) or circuit training or P80Z or whatever else, CrossFit has always been very comprehensive.

Metabolic Conditioning is the short and intense workouts that your friend brags about. "aww man, the wod today was like 42-38-20 burpee-box-jump-pullups and deficit-snatch-grip-deadlifts." Metabolic Conditioning, super important! And done very often, which is why people will often say, "lets do a CrossFit workout," when they really mean "lets just go hard right now."

Gymnastics is any sort of bodyweight movement that can range from very simple to very technical, and we practice it all. Yes the metabolic conditioning often contains gymnastics- air squats- burpees- push ups- pull ups- toes to bar, but we also take time to intentionally work towards learning and perfecting them as skills, not exercises...Everyone is seeking the elusive Muscle Up!

Heavy Lifting. We lift heavy. We pick up heavy things and put them over our heads. It's important! It's important for Men. It's important for Women. And it's important to do it often. Runners should be lifting heavy things a lot, not just on cross-training or ab day. Pick up something heavy...We'll teach you how to do it safely and correctly. 

Sprinting. Running is great, everyone should run, but we should run fast and hard. Run all different distances. Most people run long and slow, and we do too occasionally, but we run short and fast as well.

We Squat Alot! Squatting is the most important human movement. We should be able to squat ass to grass like your 2 year old child and just chill like that, but we've ruined our hips with high heeled shoes and schools and jobs where we sit all day. We air squat, back squat, front squat, overhead squat, gobblet squat, medball squat, squat squat. DEEP! Some people will tell you that squatting deep is bad for your knees. Squatting deep incorrectly is bad for your knees. Squatting deep fixed my knees. 

We program for the fittest athletes and scale from there. We set the bar high and give you the tools to get close, but we'll raise it again so you keep getting better. 

CrossFit is a lot of stuff, too much for two blog posts!



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