Training Load and Saturday Blogging

Nobody Blogs on Saturday! I front loaded this post and wrote it yesterday //Mind blown?//

Brings me to a good topic. How much should I train? The youth sports machine /soccer, football, baseball, softball/ is seeing an alarming increase in knee and shoulder injuries //12 year olds having to get Tommy John's surgery? are you kidding me?//, and you know someone personally with stress fractures or foot issues, and they're apparently from over-use ie. overuse injury. Enter Harvest CrossFit and they're offering a monthly membership where you get a discount off of your next month for going to the gym...more?  "But didn't you just say people are having over-use injuries?"

CrossFit is a General Physical Preparedness program //GPP//. It's a training program that conditions us for life and the activities we enjoy. Oftentimes people hear the term overuse injury and yes, they're bad, but they're not over-training injuries. Over-use and Over-training are different in that Overuse comes from repeatedly performing a motion beyond our body's capacity to safely complete that motion. Training and all that it includes //nutrition and recovery, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics & mobility, weight lifting & throwing// is what keeps us from incurring overuse injuries in the specific sport realm.

Runners don't get  injured from Overtraining, runners get injured from over-use //and under-training //bad nutrition, weak posture, poor running form//. If you're training for a 5k and all you're doing is running to work up to a 5k, you're not training, you're just running. 

Kids don't need MCL surgery or Tommy Johns from Overtraining, it's because they play on 3 club teams and pitch on 2 select olympic development programs and a traveling AAU team, and they've never had any sort of GPP aside from public school PE. \\whoa sorry, PE teachers rule, they just have to spend a lot more time managing ding dongs than coaching your child\\ Over-use/ Under-training.

Back to the frequent fliers discount. 20 workouts and the next month is $20 cheaper. Recovery is super important. Lifting weights doesn't make us stronger, it's actually the recovery that makes us stronger, but just like moving well and on good form, we want to teach you how to recover well. Just get into the gym even on the days where you really don't want to, and we'll always have an active recovery option or a mobility piece to work on //If you don't know what mobility means, trust me, you'll dig it and it will become part of your life//

And finally, at Harvest CrossFit, we watch you and we care about your movement. We can't have you going out into the world with your Harvest CrossFit tattoo and some Janky-ass-squat. //Overuse injury at CrossFit? Pull-ease, c'mon, overuse comes from 4 miles of bad running, thats like a million steps, I can only do like 50 handstand pushups in a day, and it'll probably be a week or two until I see handstand pushups in the workout again.//