Thursday 8.14.14


Last night someone asked, "What's on for tomorrow?" "Chipper," I replied. And her face morphed and her little nose wrinkled up back into her new face and creating the same scowl my sister would make when green beans were slid in front of her at the dinner table...

Group Warmup- Teach movements for the MetCon

BBG/BWC- 4 rnds not timed// 5 strict press- 8-12 bar kips or gymnastics kipping pullups (for my athletes with shoulder issues, we'll work on the rings for the kipping).

MetCon - Chipper// 10 Burpees/ 20 TTB/ 30 Wall Balls/ 40 KBS (53|35)/ 50 sit ups/ 60 double unders (2:1 scale) 



Here's your Homework!

That drive you make to Salem every day is ruining your hips. So here is a stretch to lengthen them back out. If you're particularly tight through here, this won't be very comfortable so I've given you some ideas to help you take your mind off the pain.

1. The Couch Stretch// Put a bent knee on the cushion or floor with the same foot raised to the seat back. Lean back and try not to make the pain face.


Take your mind off the pain by reading sunset magazine. //My pain face looks similar to Jessica's Chipper scowl//


...Or channel your anger into telling the Charter Cable Salesman from Illinois to quit calling...

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