Monday 8.18.14 Workout // How to Eat Part 2

And it begins...I mean technically we began last week, but now we're beginning for reals!

Group Warm Up

BBG- Front Squat 10-8-5-5-5-5-5

BWC- Max Handstand Hold 

Met Con- Half 'Cindy' // ya'll gotta look up what 'Cindy' is if you don't already know.

This spring, MacLarin and I visited our Friend Sam (antha) in Port something-or-other on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. And we went to the Wild animal park. You know, like a drive through zoo, where the animals hound your vehicle for whatever the place will let you feed them. I was excited to see the Bears. I just wanted to throw a big juicy like leg of lamb into it's area and watch it majestically feast on raw meaty meat.

"Bags of whole grain bread are $3 Each" disappointed, the brochure said that you are only allowed to feed the animals "whole grains."

We started in the buffalo/bison/yak area, feeding lethargic glassy-eyed bisionoids. I didn't think much of it, the cows I've encountered have always been glassy-eyed and lazy, but what about the Nat Geo clips of these guys jumping halfway across alligator infested waters? They were penned in by a flimsy fence // sure electrified, but not tall enough for a badass bison to give a damn.

Then the Bears. Finally! My Favorite Animal. Hundreds of pounds of speed and power and might! Penned in by the same sad excuse for a fence as the lazy bison? And there they were, glassy-eyed half-dead furry blobs. So disappointing. Maybe if I throw this bread a little further away from the bear, he'll get up and get it. No Luck. In fact my bread was snatched up by a rabbit. Are you freaking kidding me? The Grizzly Bear pen is inhabited by bunnies, there is a itty bitty fence separating grizzly from tasty antelope, and the bears prefer to have nutritious whole grain thrown straight to them? Oh but I thought that whole grains were nutritious fat-free slow burning good carbohydrate that give us tons of energy to get through the day! //banging my head against the wall//

You weren't allowed to feed the Wolves. The wolves were penned in full 15 foot tall cages with caged roofs. An employee brought out a tray of meat to slide into a pen. Double caged, and yet these guys were still scary. Sharp blue or white eyes, crisp movements, loud howls and yelps, and always moving, running around constantly, looking to get into something. 

Tell me again how whole grains are a healthy and vital part of our diet? And go ahead and comment about how our digestive tracks are different than wild animals or how moderation is the key, so I have some topics for future blog posts ;) 

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