Wednesday Workout 8.27.14// Why do we post the workout?!

Dynamic Warmup & Shoulder Mob

BB&BWC// Strict Press 10-10-5x5// Between Sets 30 second L-Sit (scale to full lock out)

MetCon// 17min CHIPPER-AMRAP

Run 800m (thats 2 laps) 10 TTB-Strict | 20 Burpees | 30 Pushups | 40 Wall Balls | with the remaining time AMRAP Pullups \\scored as total reps of the chipper + the AMRAP pullups//

Hey Harvest CrossFit, why do you post your workouts?

Awwe man great question! When Gregg Glassman started, it was a simple blog. People would perform the workouts at home in their garages usually and post their scores to the comments. And Blam! Community was born. One of the cornerstones of CrossFit is community. Learning Together, Suffering Together, Celebrating Together. \\at the store, Hey man, did you do the workout today? Yep those wall balls killed! You got plans for the weekend?//

But aren't you afraid that people will just do the workouts at home for free?

Jeesh, Just grillin' me today! Another great question! Simply put... nope. CrossFit is very authentically effective// in other words, challenging//. No secret pill, changing your body is really hard, MacLarin and I and your fellow members are vital for you to get through the hour. A mentor of mine, Randy Affholter, can do it alone for the most part, but even he'll admit that his best workouts are at the box or with someone coaching him or competing with him.

CrossFit is very authentically effective

Aren't you afraid of scaring people away with movements they can't do or even know what they are?

Not at all friend! Don't look at the workout, see pull-ups and get sad. Rather get excited that I'm going to train you into someday doing a pull-up, a great accomplishment! As for those 'mystery' movements, we'll never ask you to do a movement and then not teach you that movement and how to scale it.

Well what if I don't like a movement on the board?

A very potent and effective use of CrossFit is attacking your weaknesses and becoming efficient. We scale and educate our members on how they can use CrossFit to reach their fitness goals, but we don't individualize. Momma knows what's best! It might seem like better business for me to offer you your own personalized program, but I'd rather see you get fitter. And when you experience some success with those movements you don't like, or finish a workout that you didn't think you could, you'll be stoked!

Momma knows what’s best!
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