Tuesday Workout 9.2.14// Do you even OLY lift bro?

Jog a Lap//

Posture>Speed. '>' means 'greater than' like in math...psh math, MacLarin loves math, Devin's like 'whatever.'


Burgener Warmup // Thacker Stretch

Skill// Power Clean - Squat - Push Press


20 min EMOM // The Bear Complex

Power Clean to Front Squat to Push Press to Back Squat to Push Press. 

Form>Load, but lets get serious about our lives and go as heavy as possible while moving virtuously.

The picture above, is me with this cat! Kendrick Farris// Olympian! Strong as \\//\\//! We saw him at a pancake house in Hollywood. He was downing a lumberjack stack. I was Olympic Weightlifting nerdy enough to recognize him and hound him for a picture! He looks much taller with 211 kilos (464 lbs) overhead!



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